Nov 11, 2012

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Hilltop Bridal
( 3.2 / 5.0 )
I was treated horrible by some of the employees at hilltop. Lisa was the only one who cared about my dress. Lisa saved my dress and veil. I was told by everyone that the owners daughter was very ill and the owner is dealing with her. I was lied to by a couple employees from the store and Lisa was not one of them. It is very sad how customers were treated including myself. One thing I can say they did have amazing dresses in that Bridal store. I was told that the letter on the door was not true the owner of the building put it there because he was mad that they left. I was also told everyone is getting there belongings. I have been through a lot with Hilltop and if they were still opened I would not go back. The owner was getting the employees to do her job for her. An employee from hilltop gave me 4 different dates to come and get my belongings and they also booked my fitting when they closed down the first store. I was freaking and all I was told that they were moving and we will be opening down town. Then they told me that all my belongings were safe. well I am happy I didn't trust them. I thought the owner didn't know what was going on because every time I asked for her they told me she wasn't there. I even felt bad for the owner because they made it sound very serious. I thought the owner lost the store because of her employees. I don't think the owner of this store should ever open another store again. It was great when I was looking at dresses and trying them on. I had great customer service but as soon as I paid it off everything changed for the worse. When I got my dress and veil they were very rude about it. The owner or the employees never had my right wedding date. It was very poor customer service. I feel so bad for the woman who can't get there belongings because it is stressful enough just trying to plan a wedding. My dress has a ink stain on it but where it is you can't see it thank goodness.
Services used: Dress & Attire