Jul 28, 2012

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( 4.8 / 5.0 )
Erwin photographed my wedding in Portland, OR in July. He is excellent and I would highly recommend him, for a few reasons

First, he has a unique ability to capture the most touching and evocative moments that you both remember and missed. He's agile and knows where to be and when to capture his subjects in special moments that most photographers would miss. For example, he took a stunning shot of my dad's expression as he was giving me away. These are the images that make you appreciate how special your wedding day is and what it means to the people you love.

Second, Erwin has a distinctive and fresh creativity that is rare in most wedding photographers. He sees images that others don't -- eg the shadows that fell on the wall behind us during our toasts, from which he created a masterful image that captured the spirit of the day for us. He also experiments with his photography (eg by photographing my husband and me through grass). I love this about him. He takes something like wedding portraits, which he's shot probably thousands of times, and tries new ways to make the images fresh and new and unique. He takes risks, but is so talented that those risks (at least for us) turned out to be among the greatest and most unique photos he took.

Third, he genuinely cares about and goes to the effort of reflecting who you are as people and telling YOUR story. He worked with us to stage our portraits in settings that reflected us. When he told our story through our photo gallery and album, he made sure that the sentimental and personally-important parts of that story came through (e.g. the rehearsal dinner at my in-laws home, where my husband grew up).

I did A LOT of research on wedding photographers before I selected Erwin. I chose him for his distinctive creativity and ability to capture moments purely. I wasn't disappointed. We spent 1/4 of our wedding budget on him, and it was worth it.
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