Jan 04, 2014

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Danny and I have attended the same church for a total of 13 years. He attended since birth and my family started to attend when I was 6. I grew up in Sunday School classes and activities with his younger brother. When I started going to the "older" activities, I immediately noticed Danny. Although I knew of him, we never spoke before. I would watch him from afar and secretly admire him. Looking back we laugh because I was head over heels for him and he didn't even recognize me. Finally, we had a chance to talk. We started a new Sunday School class together and the teacher paired people together with a set of questions. As I asked Danny his first question, I receieved a quick and simple answer. I figured he was shy so I kept with the questins in my own bubbly and animated way. After getting mostly one worded answeres I felt crushed. As time went on, we became best friends. We told eachother everything. He was a senior and I was a sophomore. His prom was coming up and he hadn't had a girl he wanted to ask to go with him. I decided to make the move and tell him, simply and straight forward as I always am that I will go with him. After that, things took off. He told me that he liked me one day and soon enough he asked me to be his girlfriend. The setting was perfect. We were at a local show (which I was hating because of the type of music that was being performed.) Someone who used to like me had said something very hurtful to me and in the next moment danny pulled me aside so we were alone, outside. He then asked me to be his girlfriend I replied "yes," opened the door and slammed it on his face to go after the person who had insulted me. Danny went home in a bit of a confused state, unsure of what our title was. We have been together for almost four years now. Once we were enagaged, the most common response from people who we told or who found out about our engagement was, "I was wondering when that would happen!" or the common "oh, well we have always known that you would get married. it was just assumed." He has been apart of my family's everyday life, our sturggles, and tragedies. I lost my grandfather the second day of my senior year to cancer. I grew up extremley close to him and Danny was there to comfort not only me but my entire family. It amazes me how close they are to him. We take pride in our ages. Although I will be 20 and he will be 23 when we get married, we are so excited to work towards our goals together. As a college student, majoring in Education focusing on Special Education, I love the challenge of keeping up with school and planning the perfect wedding. Danny is just about finished college, majoring in Health and Exercise Science. We are both so excited for what is to come!