Oct 11, 2008

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12+ months:
- Begin envisioning your wedding
- Decide on a budget
- Begin interviewing wedding consultants (If you think you need one)
- Pick your preferences for wedding date and time
- Think about the gown

9-11 months:
- Book reception/ceremony site
- Start notebook/file to keep all paperwork in one place
- Choose wedding party
- Decide on color scheme
- Have engagement photos taken
- Get ready for engagement party (If you want one, and if you don't have a small gathering.)
- Start the guest list
- Start auditioning DJs, Bands... ect.
- Set up meetings with florists
- Find officiant and discuss ceremony structure with them
- Interview and get price lists from photographers
- Book entertainment, sign contract, send deposit
- Select gown and order

6-8 months:
- Begin wedding registry
- Think about how you want your hair
- Reserve photographer, decide on package, sign contract, send deposit
- Select bridesmaid dresses
- Reserve florist, send deposit
- Let best man and maid of honor know when you expect of them by providing them with a list of duties
- Send save the date cards to guests b/c the location requires travel (include hotel reservation, city/travel information if you have it already selected and reserved.)
- Select cake design and inform baker
- Plan rehearsal dinner
- Finalize invitation wording and design
- Finalize menu and service details
- Order invitations (order extra envelopes in case we screw up writing them out)
- Purchase wedding insurance

4-5 months:
- Decide on floral scheme, negotiate prices, sign contract with florist
- Decide on where you are getting your kilt, shoes, etc. from
- Book honeymoon

2-3 months:
- Give groomsmen the information they need to reserve their kilts
- Get kilt (or sign contract to have it sent to you on appropriate day) and accessories
- Make sure bridesmaids have picked up their dresses and accessories
- Purchase wedding bands and send them to be engraved
- Decide on ceremony decorations
- Make or buy favors (allow extra time for custom-made favors)
- Send invitations
- Talk to people who we want to have do a performance or read at the ceremony
- Confirm delivery date for gown and schedule fittings
- Arrange for insurance polices to include spouse
- Get anything needed for international honeymoon (vaccinations, etc.)
- Arrange transportation to airport
- Provide guest list to bridesmaids for bridal shower

6 weeks:
- Update registry as gifts come in
- Confirm reservations for out-of-town guests
- Purchase veil and shoes
- Write vows and ceremony program
- Submit wedding announcement to newspapers
- Buy guest book and nice pen
- Research marriage license requirements
- Make an appointment to visit hairstylist with veil
- Attend bachelor party (write thank-you to best man)
- Buy gifts for attendants
- Attend final gown fitting

3-4 weeks:
- Send rehersal dinner invites (can we include these with the regular invites?)
- Do trial runs of hair and makeup
- Schedule wedding day beauty appts.
- Print ceremony programs
- Get marriage license
- Confirm honeymoon reservations
- Wrap all gifts for wedding party and write notes to each attendant
- Have follow-up phone call or meeting with officiant to go over timing and details
- Pick up wedding wrings and check engravings
- Make sure renter's insurance covers rings and gifts
- Work on list of songs for DJ
- Sit for bridal portrait if doing one
- Do paperwork for name change
- Work out wedding day timing (where the wedding party will dress, etc.) and draw up schedule
- Make sure I have my garter and "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue"
- Contact wedding party to relay critical information related to rehearsal and wedding
- Pick up gown
- Get a head start on thank-you notes
- Finalize any special preferences, readings, or ceremony details in writing with officiant

1-2 weeks:
- Give final head count to Mark
- Pick up veil and headpiece
- Plan party or go out for cocktails to thank attendants for helping
- Call guests who haven't RSVP'd for wedding or rehersal dinner
- Determine order of receiving line if we're having one
- Determine wedding day assignments for wedding party and make lists/info sheets for them
- Put together seating plan for reception and give to Mark
- Make place cards
- Confirm delivery times, location, and final arrangement count with florist
- Touch base with officiant and give them rehearsal details and wedding schedule
- Try on kilt
- Fax transportation provides schedule and addresses for pickups on wedding day
- Confirm all final payment amounts with vendors
- Pack for honeymoon
- Confirm location, date, and time with photographer and must take photo list

Day before:
- Give parents gifts to thank them
- Confirm with people who we expect to give/lead toasts and reception
- Arrange for bridesmaid to pick up wedding dress and other personal belongings after we leave for airport
- Rehearse ceremony with officiant and wedding party
- Confirm honeymoon plans
- Pull together gown, veil, shoes, garter and emergency kit (aspirin, makeup, mints, etc.)
- Drop off favors, guest book, and pen at reception site

Day of:
- Give each other wedding gifts
- Thank parents

After wedding:
- Make sure all vendor bills have been paid in full
- Arrange for gown and bouquet to be preserved
- Write thank-you notes
- Take film to be developed
- Freeze top layer of cake to be eaten at first anniversary

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Here were the dress I had the girls picked...

The designers are Melissa Sweets & Priscilla of Boston

Maid of Honor's Gown:
Bridesmaids Flower Girls photo 1

Bridesmaid Gowns:
Bridesmaids Flower Girls photo 2  Bridesmaids Flower Girls photo 3  Bridesmaids Flower Girls photo 4  Bridesmaids Flower Girls photo 5

The color of their gowns were "THYME". A very nice rich deep green color. SO PRETTY!

Here's some photos of my bridesmaids from the wedding...

Bridesmaids Flower Girls photo 6

Kayla, Sheng, Vickie, Milly (and Layla one of my flower girls)

Bridesmaids Flower Girls photo 7 Bridesmaids Flower Girls photo 8

My sisters & I (Lisa MOH, me, Vickie & Sheng)

Bridesmaids Flower Girls photo 9

Kayla, Pajzaub (not really a bridesmaid *long story*), Sheng, Milly & my grandpa.. =)

Bridesmaids Flower Girls photo 10

Milly & Sheng both in Melissa Sweets

Bridesmaids Flower Girls photo 11

Me & The Bridesmaid (and 1 that stands out she was the last minute add on ^.^)

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We went through different types of styles and looks for our wedding invitations and decided to go with this look. It turned out GREAT!!! I love the colors. I wish we could have added alittle light pink to the invites, that would have made it perfect. But overall I loved it. Paisely Quill (http://www.paisleyquill.com/) did a great job.

The Invitations photo 1


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I kept my options open because I know wedding dresses are so expensive I didn't want to make a mistake and pick the wrong dress. I had printed and ripped out pictures of dresses and styles that I was looking for, that way my process of looking for a wedding gown would be so much easier. 

The Ideal Style: Very Soft and Modern yet Traditional.
Dress Budget: $1500 to $3000
Designers: Amsale, Essence of Australia, Lazaro, Melissa Sweet, Priscilla of Boston, Reem Acra

There were so many designers that I loved but the look I was going for are the images below.

Lazaro 2008 Spring Collection

Lazaro LZ3804 2008 Spring Collection Lazaro 2008 Spring Collection

Lazaro 2007 Fall Collection

Lazaro LZ3766 Lazaro LZ3766 2007 Fall CollectionLazaro LZ3766 2007 Fall Collection

Lazaro 2007 Spring Collection

Lazaro LZ3707 2007 Spring Collection Lazaro LZ3707 2007 Spring Collection

Lazaro 2005 Spring Collection

Lazaro LZ3505 - Sherbert 2005 Spring Collection

Reem Acra 2005 Spring/Fall Collection

 Reem Acra Lush

 Reem Acra 2006 Spring Collection

Reem Acra Cinderella 2006 Spring Collection Reem Acra Cinderella 2006 Spring Collection Reem Acra Cinderella 2006 Spring Collection

These gowns are so BEAUTFUL! I wish I could have bought them all! =)

But I found the one that fit me the best and I felt great in. Even though I freaked out after I bought it and wanted to pick a different dress. LOL! Yes, I did that!! I've never bought a dress more than $150-$200 bucks so anything above that amount... well you know. =) LOL.

Here's My Dress...
Designer: Essence of Australia 2008 Collection

2008 Collection of Essence of Australia 2008 Collection of Essence of Australia

My Ideal Wedding Dress Bridesmaids photo 1 Wedding Dress Wedding Dress Wedding Dress 

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We were trying to find a unique look that would be a perfect fit for us and our style of taste.  We had so many options but we wanted to stick with our ideal look. (Even if we were tight on budget - we had a plan b & c ^.^)

So here's a break down of what we were trying to look for:

Our Season: Fall
Our Theme: A Vintage Romance 
Our Style Feel: Victorian, Vintage, Formal, Romantic
Our Ideal Look: Soft, Simple, Clean and Not so overwhelming.

The hard part was to figure out our colors... SO below are our choices. We figured we should keep our options open incase the items we were looking for didn't work or was to expensive.

  • Color Scheme 1:
    Icy Pearl Blue
    Sheer Ivory Peach-Pink
    Off White/Ivory
  • Color Scheme 2:
    Royal Purple
    Chocolate Brown
  • Color Scheme 3: (WE PICKED THIS ONE)
    Forest Green/Thyme
    Very Pale Pink
    Copper Gold

After we figured out the color scheme, we went ahead and decided to look for our venues and the rest of the bridal parties outfits.