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Oct 12, 2012

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2Chic Events & Design
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
Working with 2Chic Events was one of the worst experiences of our lives and nearly ruined our entire wedding. Aimee was responsible for assisting us in booking a venue in Cabo, but the venues she provided either did not match our budget, or did not match the few requirements we had. During our on location venue search Aimee did not know about the existence of major landmarks in Cabo. She had offered to drive us to the site visits then decided the day before, she did not feel comfortable driving in Cabo. During the site visits Aimee did not ask many questions and seemed disengaged. We were greatly disappointed by her behavior as we thought she would be leading the negotiations and obtaining the required information. We repeatedly asked for a more detailed budget but unfortunately we never received this. When we finally found our venue, Aimee informed us she was not able to connect with the venue manager to follow up on our questions and obtain the contract. After over 3 weeks we were in danger of losing our date, we still did not have the contract or the detailed budget we had been asking for, and we concluded we needed to end our relationship with 2Chic Events in the best interest of our wedding. After 6 months of working with 2Chic Events, the only completed item was the booking of our photographer. After ending our relationship with Aimee, we received an email from her demanding an additional $750 to cover her hard costs. We informed her that we would be open to a discussion, but felt she had been paid fairly through our prior payment and asked for an explanation regarding the specific amount, but were served with papers on 10/4/12 to attend Small Claims Court! We were completely shocked! Having her plan a destination wedding was a complete disaster, in addition to taking a huge emotional toll. For someone who plans weddings for a living, I was shocked to see the extent she went to in order to ruin our wedding after we let her go.
Services used: Wedding Planning
2Chic Events & Design
This review is very disheartening to me. After 5 years in business, and nearly 100 weddings planned {both local and destination}, this is my first unhappy customer. While I absolutely welcome feedback on my services, a large portion of what is written here is simply false or exaggerated information.

Unfortunately, Marissa and Alex had never expressed any concern over the work that I was doing for them or rendered any complaints regarding my services during our wedding planning process, which left me unable to rectify any concerns of theirs before things escalated to this level. When I received their cancellation just a few short weeks after retuning from Mexico, they expressed how helpful I had been and how sorry that they were to have to cancel, but that it seemed to make more sense to hire a planner on the ground in Mexico. It wasn't until I mentioned that they would still have to pay me for services already rendered that their hostility began.

It has now become clear to me that this was a situation where there wasn't anything I could do to make this customer happy. I referred them to the venue that they ultimately ended up booking just 2 weeks after we entered into contract. I provided them with detailed spreadsheets and worksheets outlining the costs, amenities, etc. at hotels selected by both me and them, I traveled at my own expense to Mexico {because my husband and I own a timeshare in Cabo and were already in the process of booking a trip}, gave up days of my vacation time with my husband to work for them, made several out of country calls, rented a car at my own expense to tour venues for them and paid my assistants to help with this wedding as well. I simply had to recover my costs for that work and be paid for mine and my staffs' time.

Marissa and Alex were due to pay me for those services under the terms of their contract 6 days prior to their cancellation and failed to make that payment. As a small business owner, as much as I would like to appeal to their emotions, I'm just not able to absorb that kind of loss.

Unfortunately, after they refused my offer to settle for 1/3 of their balance, I did have to take them to small claims court in order to obtain the money that was owed to me, and the judge did rule in my favor. I am deeply sorry to hear that this caused them such great turmoil and I wish them the best.