Jun 20, 2009

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Everything was perfect!

I am SO glad that I hired a wedding planner! She was the best thing ever! SO many things went wrong, and I didn't even know! It was amazing ... Beautiful day! Here are some pictures!

We re Married photo 1We re Married photo 2We re Married photo 3We re Married photo 4We re Married photo 5We re Married photo 6We re Married photo 7We re Married photo 8We re Married photo 9We re Married photo 10We re Married photo 11We re Married photo 12We re Married photo 13

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centrepiece inspiration photo 1 centrepiece inspiration photo 2

centrepiece inspiration photo 3 - Fuschia table runners

centrepiece inspiration photo 4

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The Bridesmaids & Maid Of Honor:

Bouquets photo 1 Wrapped with Fuschia & Yellow ribbon



Bouquets photo 2Bouquets photo 3

Wrapped with white, yellow & fuschia ribbon

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These were my inspiration pictures...

Hair Make up trial photo 1 Hair Make up trial photo 2Hair Make up trial photo 3Hair Make up trial photo 4Hair Make up trial photo 5Hair Make up trial photo 6Hair Make up trial photo 7Hair Make up trial photo 8Hair Make up trial photo 9


This is what my hairdresser and make-up artist did... and I LOVE it!


Hair Make up trial photo 10Hair Make up trial photo 11Hair Make up trial photo 12Hair Make up trial photo 13Hair Make up trial photo 14Hair Make up trial photo 15


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After trial and {a lot of} error I have finalized my invitations.

Here they are!

DIY Invitations photo 1DIY Invitations photo 2DIY Invitations photo 3DIY Invitations photo 4

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And would like to share!