Jun 10, 2012

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( 3.4 / 5.0 )
I thought that initally working with George St. was easy, bust as it got closer to my wedding, I had heard very little from them. I hadnt even spoken to my photographer until about 6 days before the wedding. I think overall, it is a good company, with great photographers, I just think that they could have more communication throughout the process. The one thing I was the most unhappy about was that I had filled out thier planning schedule with all the pictures I was requesting etc. but nothing was really followed. The photographer I did chose was very nice, she was helpful, but gave little direction. I think that as a bride you are very nervous and stressed the day of, that you should not have to make sure you have certain pictures, so always have an idea of what you want a photo of, because they do leave it entirely up to you.
Services used: Photography, Videography