Aug 17, 2013

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OUR Lovely Engagement Pics done by our family friend Christina Chavez Photography 


see her work here



E PICS photo 1E PICS photo 2E PICS photo 3E PICS photo 4E PICS photo 5E PICS photo 6E PICS photo 7E PICS photo 8E PICS photo 9E PICS photo 10E PICS photo 11E PICS photo 12E PICS photo 13

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Heres my Handsome Fiance !! love him--- ZACK

US photo 1 


ME  :)

US photo 2


WE met in 2008...We love Sports - BASEBALL - Die hard Ranger Fans! :)



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When it happened

Sunday, November 18, 2012


How we got engaged

I had been away on my ACTS retreat (CHURCH) from Thursday to Sunday.  I was sooo excited and anxious to finally see Zack and the kids on Sunday when we returned to mass that day.  I could not wait to get home and tell him about my journey. But before we went home, we attended the reception the ACTS community held for the retreatants and their families. Lunch was over, so we headed home. Ah, finally I could kick back and relax. As I walked in the garage door I saw these BEAUTIFUL flowers with a card next to them addressed to ME. The card was from Zack….it was a cute letter of him professing his love to me! HAHA!! I thought, aww I have the sweetest man alive! After I read the letter he said  “ Jordyn, don’t you have a letter for mom?” She says “I don’t know where its at?” She runs to her room to find it. Its read, “ I love you Mom… Will you marry Sack (she meant Zack… I think shes a tad dyslexic LOL –sshhhh )” As I turn to look at him, shaking and all, He is holding the most GORGEOUS, SHINY, PERFECT ring! I take it and I remember I need to answer him. Like we all don’t know what I was going say?? I SAID YES!!!!!!!! heart



OF Course my ring was big here... had to take it to get sized for my tiny fingers (size 3.5) LOL