Jul 04, 2009

Harry's Loft
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I cannot believe Venetia has the audacity to make the statements she did in her review of her own company. We "discussed" a tasting? Are you kidding me? This only goes to show how "forgetful" you are since that is what you stated in the e-mail you sent me to apologize for "forgetting to put our appointment in your book because we had booked it so far in advance". Let me quote you some more from an e-mail dated August 25 2008 where we had to re-schedule our original appointment because you did not know the showroom would be closed over Labor Day weekend. "Great. I made the appointment with the showroom. We are set for Saturday October 18 at 11am. No worries." Does that sound like "discussing" a tasting to you? Just ask Nicole, the showroom manager, since she had us booked. I phoned you repeatedly and you never returned my voicemails. I had to finally call the showroom manager and have her call you to see what happened since you wouldn't call me back. And why would I drive from PA to sit in the showroom on Grand Street in SoHo by ourselves for an hour if we'd only "discussed" a tasting? And please don't take my compliment out of context...the e-mail read "You were the consummate professional up until this point so I hope nothing happened to you to cause you to miss our appointment." So NO, I do NOT believe you are a consummate professional. You couldn't even get your story straight in the e-mail you sent me. First, it was "I forgot to put the appt in my book" than later on you wrote "I assumed you weren't interested anymore." So which is it? And why would I need to confirm when I had an e-mail that said "Great. We're set." So I didn't "feel" you missed a tasting. You said yourself you forgot so please spare me the half-truths....
Services used: Catering, Wedding Venue