Sep 24, 2012

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If you want a cookie-cutter wedding, then Benny’s your boy. If, however, you are a mature, intelligent bride with a distinct vision for making your fairy-tale day unique, then run away from Daniel Events - fast! We should have been suspicious in April, 3 florists had already told us that the peonies my daughter so desperately wanted were not available in late September. Benny, however, said, Peonies? No problem! I have suppliers all over the world! The promise of peonies was why we signed the contract with Daniel Events. Peonies were promised; peonies were in the contract. 2 weeks before the wedding his assistant emailed my daughter that there would be no peonies. The color palette was stated in the contract as white, ivory, pink, and taupe - warm colors. Florals they provided were small, tight, white and green - with a lot of filler greenery. The low hedge arrangement glass blocks were even LINED with green: he basically ignored our color palette. Even ivory would have been wedding appropriate, and far less offensive. To be fair, there were some large hydrangeas in the tall arrangements, but my daughter hated her bridal bouquet so much she did not carry it down the aisle! The prime example that Benny does what HE wants, not what YOU want, was the candles. On the original contract he had listed LED votive candles for the reception tables. We stated several times that we did not want them - Guess what? We walked into a reception hall with the tables cluttered by dozens of glowing LED votive candles! As I threatened to throw them over the balcony, my daughter stopped me, saying, “They would just make us pay to replace them...” There is one caveat: an ignorant bystander might have thought my daughter had a lovely wedding and reception. However, it was not HER wedding. I paid Benny’s bill for HIS wedding. So, if you don't want your wedding to be special and you don't really care how it turns out, hire Daniel Events. Alyce H. Pollitt
Services used: Flowers, Lighting & Decor