Oct 27, 2007

J&M Entertainment
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I booked J&M for my wedding as well in October. I went to a bridal show that their were hosting and thought they were great. I also went to another bridal show, where I got a some more information and a DVD that gave me a feel of what type of DJ's they are. I loved the DVD! I have heard nothing but good things and good reviews on J&M. They had an awesome presentation set up, a room that let's you see the lighting they use and special effects and you actually get a sneak into what your wedding day will be like! I have total faith in J&M and I am truly excited to have them hosting the wedding. I'll continue the review in October!
Services used: DJ, Lighting & Decor, Videography

Karoza Bridal Inc.
( 3.0 / 5.0 )
I just got my dress there in June. I love that there is a big selection of dresses, and it is very organized, with each designer having their own section. This was great for me, because there was certain Designer that I loved, and I didn't have to sort through all the dresses for hers. Roza was not very friendly. There was one lady, who's name I have forgotten, it's been some months now, but she was sooo helpful, patient, friendly and just made it a great experience. It wasn't until I picked up my dress that I had to deal with Roza, she was again just very impersonable and unfriendly, it was like if I wasn't spending $8,000 on a dress, I wasn't worth her time. I spent $1500, I thought that was a resonable price for a dress. She was the only thing that ruined my experience there. I was going to get my dress fitted there and buy some of the bridal jewelry, but her attitude has changed my mind of doing anymore business there.
Services used: Dress & Attire