Dec 02, 2012

Hilltop Bridal
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Dear Brides:
The Gown Aurora has just learned about the unfortunate news of Hilltop Bridal, in Barrie, closing. We are heart-broken about it and feel for every bride involved.

Sometimes wedding shops go out of business, but typically, all wedding dresses that have been paid for and ordered, are still given to the bride. Usually, they just pick them up at a different location.

We are not familiar with the exact circumstances of this situation. If there are any brides reading this, who are involved and need help, please call me at 289.466.1010. Then we can put you in touch with someone who could be helpful.

If you do need a dress, we have many dresses available “off the rack” at discounted prices. We are so sorry to hear this news. Buying your wedding dress should be a wonderful experience. We wish each and every one of you a quick and happy resolution.

Shannon McColl
The Gown Aurora
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