May 01, 2009

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I found this glass box in my shed and thought it would make a great card box.

More DIY photo 1More DIY photo 2

I found this basket at a thrift store for $1 and the fabric was at a craft store in the remants bin for $1!


More DIY photo 3


More DIY photo 4More DIY photo 5

I had fabric left over so I had my mom make a pillow out of it and I dolled it up with some ribbon.

More DIY photo 6

I found these waterproof labels online and deecided to try them out. FI designed the label and printed them out.

More DIY photo 7More DIY photo 8

He didn't think they would really be water resistant so I soaked the for an hour! They turned out great!

More DIY photo 9

Here is the link for the labels: http://www.labelsbythesheet.com/items/water-bottle-labels/water-bottle-labels~for-your-inkjet-printer-/list.htm

Sweet Love banner for our candy buffet:

More DIY photo 10More DIY photo 11

Welcome dinner invites:

More DIY photo 12More DIY photo 13

Pint sized chinese take-out boxes for candy buffet:

More DIY photo 14

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I didn't plan on having platinum as one of my colors until I found this dress. I fell in love with it and added in this color!

Flower girl dress photo 1

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colors photo 1


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He never thought he would like a ring, but when he saw this one, he had to have it! It's a titanium band with 6 diamonds. To him, the diamonds symbolize the two of us and our 4 kids. We ordered it in his size and we were told it would be mailed to us in 6-8 weeks. When the store called 2 weeks later to say it was in I asked them to send it to me. I took him to the chinese place where we went on our first date, I made a sappy speach, and told him I wanted him to marry me. Then I put the ring on the table. He was shocked! mostly because the ring came so early! LOL!  I just hope he really wears it!

The rings photo 1


I got a lovely E-ring that was much like the middle ring of the E-ring you see here. My first E-ring did not have the 3 small diamonds on each side. Right after I got my first ring we had an engagement party. FI now X-BF and his girl friend at the time saw my ring and within a week they went to the same place and bought the same ring! I was devistated. About a month later I saw that the store where I got my ring had a new selection. The ring you see here in the middle is the one I fell in love with. So FI being the sweetie he is took me and let me trade in. Well I had to trade up to trade in so that is how I ended up with the 2 rings on the sides. I wasn't sure at the time what I was going to do when we got married and didn't really think about it until I started planning the wedding 7 years later. So this is what I came up with.

I am taking addvantage of the fact I have long finger.  :)



This is my E-ring:                                                   This is my ring gaurd:

The rings photo 2The rings photo 3

This is it all put together:

The rings photo 4



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