Jun 21, 2008

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Nick and I were married June 21st, 2008.  It took place in Sonoma on Moon Mountain.  It was the happiest day of my life, especially with all the support I received in the process.  

I loved planning so much I switched careers from clothing design to event decor/planning with Loop Events.  I can not say enough about Loop!  Mary Lois, the creative genius behind it all, is the most talented floral designers in the bay area.  She is often compared to Ariella Chezar, but still manages to have her own organic spin on all she does. That reminds me, the environment is second on her priority list, right after making the bride feel understood and special.  Some people are able to listen to others and automatically know their vision, even if you don't know yourself, and that's Mary Lois at Loop Events!  

Not only is she a visionary in all she does, but she still manages to run out and grab us cookies while we work in her stimulating office!

Happy planning and check us out at



Ashley Wilmoth-Widman