May 01, 2009

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getting married may 1, 2009 in la jolla, california.

colors are orange with some red pink and yellow thrown in.  

i'd love any info you all have to offer.  never knew this could be so fun, course i havent done table seating yet and i heard that's the bane of bridal existence......

wedding bio photo 1

the dress!   choosing was hard.  told the fiance that we will have to renew vows often so i get to wear more of these.  above is me in it, i think its funny how awful these pics always turn out.  not sure what to do for veil yet, but i looooove cathedral length ones.  just not sure cuz the dress is soooo much on its own.  but lesson learned on this try-on....DO YOUR HAIR AND MAKEUP WHEN YOU ARE TRYING ON DRESSES!  people take pics and it just is weird when you feel like you look crappy in the most beautiful dress you have ever put on!

The dress!




already hired photographer:  gene higa.  he shot 2 of my friends weddings and i love love love his work


and looking at organicelements.com for flowers.  she is great so far.  



here is me and FIwedding bio photo 2


i love this table.  looked a little different in person cuz the its dupioni silk so looks different depending on the light.  but i loved that we could see across the table.  and i love the table runner of flowers.  while my table wont look like this (mine are round and i have either white or mahogany chairs), this was an inspiration.

wedding bio photo 3

 Below is where we are having the reception....called la valencia hotel.  totally love this hotel.  they've been around since 1926 and just did a huge renovation....but didnt CHANGE any of the stylistic details.  they just got NEW red leather benches in their restaurant, etc.  cant say enough about this hotel.  love everyone that works there, love the vibe.  love it!

wedding bio photo 4



me and FI at a friends wedding in Monte Carlo.  one of my fave vacations ever!

 wedding bio photo 5



I was looking at this dress by melissa sweet.  mom liked this one best, but after putting on the other again, and having my dad, sis in law, bf, brother, and FI's mom say i should go with the one i got cuz it was so "ME", i went with the Michele Roth.  I love it!.  but if we renew our vows, you may find me in this....

wedding bio photo 6


wedding bio photo 7 This was part of my inspiration for invitations.  I copied (EXACTLY) the center pic for the outer envelope of the invites.  I printed and cut out the labels using a scripty font i found online and the brackets are a stamp from michaels.  and i'm tying twine around the inner invite.  the actual invite is letterpressed.  cant wait for the results.   I'll post when i get em.



Here is where i go on a small tirade about getting hair and makeup done.

THis is me in a wedding.  (below)  this is why i never get my hair and makeup done by "professionals"  i'm just not a brown eye shadow girl!  and i have a cowlic that hair people cant seem to master in the front of my hairline.  and i'm too much of a control freak.  trying to figure out if i should do the hair makeup thing for my wedding...been told it helps with stress.   but if i end up looking like this i think i'll cry!

wedding bio photo 8

This is my siblings and i (and my nephew...soooooo cute!).  this was another wedding i was in.  did my own hair and makeup.  much better.  although, this was 3 sheets to the wind at the end of the night in this pic.   did i mention i love to go to weddings as much as i love having them?

wedding bio photo 9

these are 3 of my besties.  they are all in the wedding.  i have 7 bridesmaids and one junior!  always thought i'd just have my sis, but when time came, i wanted my sis and Fi's sis, and sis in law, and friends.  so...7  (note- i did hair and makeup of friend on left)

wedding bio photo 10