Jan 01, 2013

elegant arrivals
( 0.6 / 5.0 )
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. This is a disgrace. I spoke with the owner Steve who told me the only responsibility of his company is to provide a ride. The quality of the car is not his responsibility. The window, TV and radio were broken. The mirror was broken off and laying on the back window ledge. We had paid for a 10 passenger limo but received a six passenger. We requested that when the limo came to pick us up after the honeymoon we have a limo that would fir our party more comfortably. We did not. The owner also said that this was not his responsibility. If when the limo arrived it was incorrect we should have refused it. I asked what were the options if we refused it and he said to get a different limo company. That at midnight after our wedding we should have found other travel arrangements if we did not receive what we paid for. However, even if the limo was incorrect he would not reimburse our payment. The company advertises that they roll out a red carpet. This did not happen. They advertise that they provide champagne. It was not available after the wedding but was in a Coors Light plastic cooler for the ride back from the honeymoon. This was a huge disappointment and a complete waste of money. I did contact the owner but he was belligerent and yelled at me.
Services used: Transportation