Sep 19, 2008

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Duxbury's catering is now Simply Elegant Catering. I just wanted to reply to a post that I recently came across on this website concerning the previous owner. Although I found it hard to believe that Mark Duxbury was arrested for the things the other poster listed, I looked it up and found out that it is true. HOWEVER, Mark Duxbury no longer owns this company. A very nice man now owns the company and is doing a great job with it. I just wouldn't want their business to suffer from something that they had no control over. They catered my wedding recently and did a fantastic job. I will be reviewing their work under the name of Simply Elegant Catering but I felt that that little matter should be addressed so that the new owner and his company are not associated with the deeds of the previous owner. I hope everyone understands. Thank you.
Services used: Catering

Christopher Garren's Let Them Eat Cake
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It's true that Let Them Eat Cake is a more expensive place to go for a wedding cake but I don't think that we would have had such an amazing cake otherwise. We had a hard time deciding on what design we wanted for our cake but everyone there, especially Beth, was extremely patient with us. She must have made us about four drafts of the cake before we decided on something. They ended up making us an amazing Legend of Zelda cake with the figurines of Link and Princess Zelda on it. We choose the Red Velvet cake and were extremely pleased that it was just as delicious as it had been when we did the tasting. Everyone absolutely loved the uniqueness of it and many of our guests told us that it was the best cake that they had ever tasted. We did have a bit left over after serving to our guests but by the end of the night some of them had requested boxes so that they could take it home because they liked it so much. We loved Let Them Eat Cake and we will definitely have them make us another cake in the future.
Services used: Wedding Cake

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Castle Green is an amazing place to have a wedding. As soon as my husband saw this place, he knew he wanted it. It's an old hotel turned into a residence but has still managed to keep its historical charm. We had the ceremony in the front, garden area near the pond and it really looks lovely in our photos. I was afraid that the sun would be a problem (the wedding was at 6:00pm in September) but it wasn't at all. The building blocked it and the lighting was just perfect for our pictures. The reception took place in their ballroom while cocktail hour was done throughout the first floor of the old hotel. It created the perfect atmosphere for our guests. We wanted them to feel as if they had somehow stepped back in time and were attending an elegant masquerade ball. It was exactly right. They had the freedom to mingle and drink before dinner was even served. Another bonus to this place is the grand stairwell. It was an excellent way to make an entrance which we decided to do instead of entering after everyone sat down for dinner. Everything about Castle Green was wonderful. Our guests loved the atmosphere and we enjoyed planning around the unique charm of this place. If you want a unique and elegant feel for your wedding, this would be the perfect place to go.
Services used: Wedding Venue, Rehearsal Dinner