Apr 20, 2013

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Today, I got my dress!! It just arrived after a few weeks of waiting. I tried on this not-so-hot-on-the-racks dress, and I totally totally didnt believe the transformation. It's a michealangelo David bridal style T8612. 

Unfortunately, I dont have pictures of me in it, because the dress arrived when I was at work. I couldnt wait to get home, so I just took a colleage of mine, swore her to secrecy, and off we headed to the Pharmacists call room to try it on.

Its perfect: its light and white and dazzle-ly and comfy, and with an ok train, and I dont need to wear crini, and the detachable sleeves and just what I wanted so I dont need to wear a bolero. Best of all, I need no amendments, anywhere,looks like the dress was sewn on my body. I look like a princess-bride and I feel like Im going to bawl!!

Bless my soul. Bless my cousin for forcing me to order the dress! I never want to get out of the dress; I now just to wear this wedding gown forever and ever and ever...

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Well, my name is Ijeoma, and my friends call me IJ. I'm Nigerian, and Ive been a member of PW for 2 months now (nominal member,lol). I stumbled on PW when i was checking out wedding websites on the internet; Im just realizing how much more content is assesible to me here than I originally thought. Whew.

Still checking out the boards and forums and photos, I'll probably get back to do a more detailed bio...