Apr 20, 2013

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Ok, so I just got back from the honeymoon, moved house and got into a new routine of life with DH (seeing as we started living together after the wedding so a whole lot to get used to,lol) and guess what? Its one month already!! Yay me..

To all the wonderful ladies of PW, I want to say a huge thanks. You have all been helpful to me in this period of planning and execution of my wedding through your breathtaking inspirations, interesting boards discussions and most of all, the PMs and toasts.

I guess it’s finally time to rouse out of my laziness and get around to do that detailed bio I promised 3 months ago. That way, I get to add my own 2 cents worth and possibly (who knows?) help some other bride as I’ve been helped. Hm...where to start? I just wonder…


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I've decided that my major color will be red. I cant seem to find the exact shade of aqua that I want, so Ill use mostly red, and let my BMs use the aqua.

Our Assesories photo 1


Our Assesories photo 2


Our Assesories photo 3

I will be using silk flowers. Just red roses. My inspiration:

Our Assesories photo 4

Our Assesories photo 5


*****Actually, this is what I decided on finally, I cant get it around where I stay, so I asked someone to get me this bouquet in Lagos, which is like..10hours away. I decided to add a couple of white roses to it though, so it wont be all red.***

Our Assesories photo 6


I decided against bouquets for my BMs. I wanted handfans, which will also come in handy in this weather. Besides, it has this exotic look I like...

Our Assesories photo 7 Our Assesories photo 8

They are wearing aqua gowns so we decided on something to contrast with the dresses. SO we have this:

Our Assesories photo 9

Our Assesories photo 10


My own fan, well, still pending, but will be something like this, in white:

Our Assesories photo 11

Complete with the rose detail, all in white.

For our hair:

I thought of the Kim look for myself:

Our Assesories photo 12

But my hair is not going to be swept off my face, so, wont work. I later decided on tiny booby pins in red scatted over my hair instead, and a hair chan over the right side of my hair.

Our Assesories photo 13Our Assesories photo 14

My BMs will be wearing hair facinators:

Our Assesories photo 15

I know someone who will help me do this..


My watch:

It’s a swatch watch in silver and black. Ive had it for years, so its serving as my something old.

Our Assesories photo 16

Our Assesories photo 17

My jewelry: 

Truth be told I wanted this look:no necklace, and earrings that stand out.

Our Assesories photo 18

But my mum whined and whined about how my neck would look bare, so I agreed to wear a necklace.

So here:

Our Assesories photo 19

Our Assesories photo 20


I bought this jewelry before FI and I got involved. Actually, the seller forced it on me. I didn’t want to buy it; it looked too bridal at the time, and I said so. Then she was like: just buy it, who knows, you could be a bride soon. So, I bought it under duress and now I’m glad I did. It’s a twisted silver chain, with matching earrings and bracelet. Definitely my something new.

My veil:

I wanted a shoulder length veil with a short blusher. But then, I borrowed this from my cousin, so..something borrowed.

Our Assesories photo 21

My JCI Pin:

I happen to be the President of Junior Chamber International, Umuahia, and I planned to wear my JCI pin throughout my 365 days in office. I will be wearing it on my wedding day as well, something blue.

Our Assesories photo 22


I wont be wearing a garter, its not too common in my neck of the woods, so..its out.

My Shoes:

Ahh.. my fave part. I was passing by a shoes shop on my way back from work, and the shoes just caught my eyes. Its not a known label or anything, but it was just the right shade, the right length of heel, the best part: elegant enough to be worn for the ceremony, yet comfy enough for the reception shindig.

So I will not be changing either dress or shoes for the wedding. Yay me!!

Our Assesories photo 23

Our Assesories photo 24

Our Assesories photo 25

I swear I can run 100m in these shoes!!

Our Assesories photo 26

Our Assesories photo 27


Hm. The vision truly fell in place with this shoes!!




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So I had a hen's party, organized by my single female interns at work!! It was very unconventional: a 'tomboy' themed, rustic inspired setting. My hospital has this area that has very antique buildings in brick, which was commisioned by Queen Elizabeth in the 50's when it was still a mission hospital. Anyways, that area has lots of tropical fruit trees, and the buildings have been converted into junior staff quarters.

Anyways, we had malt drinks, rools, muffins and smirnoff ice, and for dessert, we climbed the trees and plucked mangoes!! It was totally rad!!

Sorry for the quality of the pictures; these are amateur shots and they were taken in the evening.


Hen s Party photo 1

Hen s Party photo 2

Hen s Party photo 3

Mangoes for dessert,we plucked them ourselves!!

Hen s Party photo 4

lol at the kids in the background, I guess they must have wondered what exactly the excided ladies were up to!!

Hen s Party photo 5

Dont mind the cock in the henhouse. He was supposed to teach us a choreography which we will be doing at the wedding. When I throw my bouquet, I dont want to do someting conventional. I want all the single ladies to do a choreography, then two or three minuites into the show, I throw my bouquet, unannounced. My friends at work and my bridesmaids will have to learn it, so they can take the lead, but the steps are ridiculously easy, so anyother female can join in.

Posts of the rehearsals:

Hen s Party photo 6

Hen s Party photo 7

Hen s Party photo 8

Hen s Party photo 9


Of course it degenerated into silliness as the evening went on, people started showing off their individual dancesteps..

Hen s Party photo 10

Hen s Party photo 11

Hen s Party photo 12

Hen s Party photo 13

Ok, I have to admit, we had clean fun in an unusual way, and it still makes me laugh when I see these pictures because I cant remember the last time I climbed a tree.

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We made the program to incorporate both the order of the mass, and then the reception. Some of our guests are not catholic and catholic ceremonies can be a little confusing, so the program will come in handy to direct them on what is actually going on. Oh, did I say we will be having a full mass and not just the vows?

Our Wedding program photo 1

this is the cover page of the program. Its a long narrow program, so this is a copy of the spread of the cover pages, front and back.


These ones below are the inner pages: 

Our Wedding program photo 2

Our Wedding program photo 3

Actually the color didnt come out nice; it is supposed to be torquise on a pale blue background, not black. Well, Ill upload pics of the finished product later.

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My make-up look for the big day is soft and glowing.  will be definitely be taking these to my MUA for the makeup trial session.

Hair And Makeup Inspiration photo 1

Hair And Makeup Inspiration photo 2


I love the eye make up here, but Im not brave enough to carry off red lips, so I'll stick to pink lips, thank you..


Hair And Makeup Inspiration photo 3


For my hair, that is another matter. I want a half up-do, with a very low left side-part. But Im yet to see something I really like. The nearest I can find is this.

Hair And Makeup Inspiration photo

modify this a little by moving the bun to the center of my head, change the bun to a rose-shaped pin-up, and then letting some tendrils drop and the back, and there!! Essentially what I will be wearing that day.

My hair is short: 7inches at the longest side, and 2 inches at the shortest, so I will be getting 20inches Remi extensions.

The only embelishments I will be wearing is my hair brooch, some glittering red booby pins, and a shoulder lenght veil.

For my nails: I was thinking of doing french tips, But then I saw this

Hair And Makeup Inspiration photo 5

I wonder if I could get my nails done exactly like this,I do love this. But if it does not work out, I still have my french tips to fall back on..

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Ive always wanted to have a wedding website of course, infact, it was when I was looking for a good, free wedding website that I ran into PW. So its all set up, and it took so long because FI is NOT the writing type. Anyways, here it is.

site address:


shortcut 1:

shortcut 2: