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DIY Make up and Hair Inspiration photo 1


DIY Make up and Hair Inspiration photo 2

I will be doing my make-up and hair myself for the wedding. I have had my make-up done professionally in the past but I was never overly pleased with the outcome. My wedding will be rather bare bones in terms of elements to plan so this should fulfill the obsessive, over-analyzing, bridezilla aspect of wedding planning for me since I am not an artist when it comes to applying make-up. Oh sure I can manage to actually get the make-up on my face and my hands and my clothes and the bathroom sink but beyond that every morning is a crap shoot of whether I'm going to look normal or medicated.

That being said, I am leaning towards doing lighter colors on my eyes and black eyeliner and black mascara. Perhaps a pale silver eye shadow. I think that I would like to do a bright color on my lips. I'm thinking that this is referred to as a bold lip but the probability of me being wrong on this is very high.

DIY Make up and Hair Inspiration photo 3

When it comes to my wedding day hair look I think that I will go with every first graders go-to hair accessory and wear a headband. I am capable of matting my hair down with copious amounts of hair gel and hair spray and a headband will add the illusion that yes, helmet hair was what I was ultimately going for in a hairstyle. I will have to research ideas on what to do with the back of my hair because left on it's own it is a thick frizzy mess but that will have to wait until another day.


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JOP Wedding Inspiration photo 1


JOP Wedding Inspiration photo 2


JOP Wedding Inspiration photo 3


JOP Wedding Inspiration photo 4


JOP Wedding Inspiration photo 5


JOP Wedding Inspiration photo 6

A quick google search yielded me these results for courthouse wedding attire. The majority of the results were along these same lines and were short traditional white dresses. I do not know if I will be wearing white to my courthouse wedding but these ideas give me something to mull over for now.

JOP Wedding Inspiration photo 7


JOP Wedding Inspiration photo 8

I am also not sure if I am going to carry a bouquet or not but if I do I know that it will be a small nosegay. I also plan on searching for non-floral bouquet ideas at some point in the future.

JOP Wedding Inspiration photo 9

Again I do not know what I will be doing for centerpieces or if they will even be warranted but if we have centerpieces I would like them to be simple and re-usable.

JOP Wedding Inspiration photo 10


JOP Wedding Inspiration photo 11

The traditional wedding cake might be the one item that I am most unsure about at the moment. I'm thinking that it might be better to just do individual desserts but I will have to think about that some more. What we are going to do after the ceremony is a big mystery.

Well there it is - my initial inspiration for my courthouse wedding. It will be interesting to see how much of our actual wedding mirrors this inspiration.

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Hi I'm a newbie here. I have been lurking around on several different wedding forums and I think that the community here will be the best fit for me. I did not come across one mean member here or one drama filled thread which was the main selling point for me. This seems like a laid back positive community and I am happy to say that I am your newest member.

My SO and I are both Parapsychologists. We both thoroughly enjoy what we do and I particularly like the element of my job in that I am a perpetual student which is a requirement in our field. Our jobs are very rewarding and fulfilling to us but the salary is near non-existent which blows. That really is the only caveat of our field to me but with scientific progress comes understanding and acceptance and maybe someday a decent quality of life salary which would be nice. For the mean time we will just continue to toil away at our day jobs and play the lotto.

We met so many moons ago it truly feels like it was a lifetime. We had an instant connection something that I had never had with anyone else. For me it was love at first sight. He claims the same. We have shared the cliched ups and downs of everyday life and now we are going to share the bond of marriage.

We will be moving back to our native state this year and have decided to get married at the JOP there with only our immediate family members present. I do not have a date set at the moment. I tentatively added a date here. Our wedding will probably be best defined as offbeat and minimalistic.