Oct 12, 2013

We have waited almost 8 years for our wedding day to come!!! I know I am not just marrying "another guy" .....I am marrying my best friend!!! Together we have made it through so many obstacles and we always come out on top!!! Can't wait for October 12th, 2013 :)
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Jay Jay's Story:


Jay Jay grew up in Syracuse (cicero) NY and then moved to Florida with her parents after the passing of her 19 year old brother. Jay Jay had a rough life after her brother died, going from one abusive relationship to another, getting married and divorced (twice but shit happens) and moving all over the place. Jay Jay has 3 brothers (Bobbie Haskins, Mark Ridall and AJay Moyer) and 2 sisters (Kim Babcock and Melanie Hirshfeld). Jay Jay is a nurse and is continuing going to continue her education. She will be applying for NP school for the fall......Jay Jay loves being in the medical field and knows there is such opportunities out there to expand on. Jay Jay's hobbies are camping, baking, darts, watching football & hockey and dancing. Jay Jay also loves animals more than anything and hanging out with her friends :) 


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Duane's Story:


Duane is from East Brady, PA. He was born and raised there and the only other place he has lived is Erie, PA. Duane has 3 boys, Brandon, Shane and Auston. Duane is a union roofer and a jack of all trades. He can do just about anything from cleaning, cooking to fixing anything. He even can SEW!!! No wonder Jay Jay wants to marry him! Duane has 4 brothers, Greg, Jimmy, Ronny and Rick and one sister, Lisa. He is the oldest out of all the kids and is use to being the mediator lol Duane LOVES the Steelers, Penguins and Pirates. He enjoys going to games, playing on the xbox and watching movies/tv. Duane is very talented and makes cornhole games for a lot of Jay Jay's friends. Duane is proud of the fact he has turned Jay Jay into an outdoorsy girl and together they LOVE camping, fishing, swimming and doing things outside together. Duane's goal is to take Jay Jay hunting so she can take pictures while he hunts BUT he needs to get her to sit still and be quiet, both which are hard for Jay Jay to do! haha Duane has been patiently waiting for Jay Jay to graduate as a nurse so they can get married and he helped her all through school. Duane loves the fact Jay Jay is going on in school cuz he wants her to be his "sugar momma" lol He teases her because she is a little over 6 months older than him!