May 31, 2014

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My friend is very scattered brained and she never really knows what she needs to do or when it needs to be done. So when she set a date for her wedding I offered to throw her a bridal shower and I ended up rolling into to the roll of wedding planner. Now when I say wedding planner I don't mean I help her and do what she says I mean she gave me free rein to plan her wedding. So that is why I created this profile. While I have planned plenty of parties I have never planned a wedding so I looking for any idea I can use and switch it up to fit her. I know she is a country girl so there isn't going to be any fancy recption just a cook out with her family and guests. She already has her dress and some little things so I just have the task of helping her find a recption location, she is having a May wedding and though it is warm I want to be safe and get something where we can go inside if we have to so we are looking at a park that has some sort of recreational building. I know there is alot to do and not much time to do it in but I am very much a fine details person so I know we can get it done and the best part is I don't have to plan anything big or fancy as she is a simple country girl marrying a simple country boy.

So this valentines day I got engaged. Now not only am I planning my future cousin's wedding for this May I am now planning my own wedding for next May. I have my Bride's maids and Maid's of Honor chosen and mostly everything is planned for my wedding. We already have a venue, a preacher, we know what we want to server for food, we still have some kinks to work were to rent tables and speackers to set up in a field but Hey...I have a year.