Jul 27, 2008

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Our South Beach Wedding Dream Come True photo 1 

all of the photos on this page were taken by Critsey Rowe,

HOW WE MET: Bert and I met at BAJA'S Nightclub in New York City in 1999. I was waiting for my girlfriend to leave the club when he came up to me and started dancing. We danced and danced, then exchanged numbers. We continued to just hang out as friends until January 2002. We FINALLY gave in and officially became a couple. Five-and-a-half years later, we got engaged and had a beautiful son. I can honestly say, I married MY BEST FRIEND.

THE PLANNING: During the planning of my wedding, I think what started to go wrong was when I asked the manager of the venue if I could put the white fabric up on all four walls and was told I couldn’t because they did not have the equipment. That to me was devastating because it was the one thing I knew would make the room look like a Miami lounge, but I had to work with what I had, so I was trying to fill the room with lots of LED lights.

Another problem was my centerpiece. I wasn’t sure how big or small my apple martini glass centerpiece was going to look on the table.

Bert and I was trying so hard to give our wedding a SOUTH BEACH look, but what we didnt know was that we were just taking away from the look by purchasing all the little stuff on line.  We signed up for the My Fair Wedding show so David Tutera could help us and sure enough, we were picked.  I think it was the best thing we'd ever done in the planning of our wedding.

THE DRESS: MY DRESS overall was the #1 thing that was all wrong from the very begining. You see, I wasn’t your bride who as a little girl was dreaming about my wedding day. I really hadn’t started thinking about it until the day I was proposed to.

I had given birth to my son three months before I tried my dress on. It was such a pretty dress, but at the same time I was trying to hide my baby weight. The gown I was looking for was more of a beachy look, but it wasn’t fitting right and since I was not getting married on a beach; I thought it would look silly, so I purchased the upskirt dress. I can’t tell you how many times I tried that dress on at home and took photos of myself.

I always hear about brides having their WOW dress. I didn’t know what that feeling was like until David had me try on four gorgeous gowns. I think everyone in the room pretty much knew which one was my ‘WOW’ dress. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. 

THE BID DAY: The big day had arrived but not alone.  My gown was here as well.  It was presented to me by Davids assistant Nicole and I could not believe what was in front of me.  Unbeknownst to me, my favorite was also Davids.  All I kept thinking was, OMG, I am the luckiest girl right now.

THE CEREMONY: Our ceremony, much to our surprise, was in a different room. We never imagined getting married outside of the chapel room. The way David converted one of the reception halls into a ceremony room was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. My thought about this room was, 'This must be what Heaven looks like.' I was afraid to touch anything, let alone walk on the aisle runner and mess up the petals. It looked too beautiful. There was brightness in the room by all the candles lit everywhere—even the chairs were so pretty! The only thing missing was SAND.

THE RECEPTION: Bert and I are so fortunate to have had David transform what we thought was the Miami-look into reality. The reception room with the lighting was amazing, the linens were beautiful and the centerpieces were to die for. There was no way we would have been able to pull this off the way he did. All the white fabric on the wall look beautiful, CHIC is the word im looking for.  You would never have thought that this was the same room Bert and I booked.  We felt like we were in a Miami Lounge. 

OUR DANCE: The rooms were not the only things that were transformed. David had Bert and I take some salsa classes. I knew old-school salsa. I was afraid that when we walked into the studio, Bert would just walk right back out, but he was a good sport and we had fun. He didn't know too much at first but three classes later, he surprised us all. Tony and Melanie were awesome teachers and worked really hard for us to get our dance together. They made it happen and it was a success.

DAVID TUTERA: We trusted David from Day 1. It’s what he does and we knew that he would not disappoint us. 
He helped in so many ways. His vision was so unlike ours. At first, I think the only thing we had in common was that we both LOVE MIAMI. He is a very creative man and to put this all together in just three weeks for someone he doesn’t know is just crazy. I can’t imagine what he would do for someone he knows.
We now try to visualize what the venue would have looked like before David, but we can’t. It’s just too hard to picture it any other way. Everything David did was just on point and so put together. We appreciate everything he did for us and want to thank him for making our South Beach wedding in New Jersey a dream come true!

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