Oct 13, 2012

A Sacramento Wedding By Parallel Productions
( 2.0 / 5.0 )
My wedding was in October 2012. Instead of telling you how upset I am, I'll give you the facts and let you decide whether or not to hire A Sac Wedding.

1) From May to October, I tried to get Alex to send me a copy of my contract. Finally received it a week before the wedding.

2) The contract states it will take 8-12 wks to finish the product. About 8 wks in, I asked for an ETA, because I was excited. He said it would be done before Xmas. Around New Years, he said next week. For the next couple of wks, he kept promising the following weekend, and never followed through, which is fine because he had 12 wks to do it. I just didn't appreciate the false hope.

3) On week 13, he said one more week. Finally, after a wk and a half, he said he was ready to ship it out. It wasn't shipped for a few days. I asked why, he said there was an error in the video. I finally received my video in wk 14.

4) My video was well made and he was good at keeping to my requests for how our special day should be recorded.

5 Huge parts of my reception were missing. The guest commentary, bridesmaid dance, anniversary dance was missing, cake cutting was missing. He knew about these events bc it was in the itinerary I gave him before the day of.

7) I contacted him about this. After a few days of trying to get his attn, he finally sent me a video of the guest commentary. He promised the next few videos would be ready by the end of the weekend. On Mon, I contacted him and no response. It is Thurs now and I've been trying to get a hold of him for 4 days. He has been completely ignoring me.

8) I'm not the type of person to make recs to people, but I went out of my way to tell all of my friends not to hire A Sac Wedding by Parallel Productions. I was completely satisfied in the QUALITY of the video, but completely unsatisfied in the service that I received.

Based on these facts, make your own judgment as to whether or not you want to hire Alex Cristescu.
Services used: Videography