Oct 29, 2008

Harry's Loft
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I am writing to respond to the reviews posted by Rashetda and Left Eye (lisa) of my company. Firstly Lisa left eye. This is a bad review from someone who I have never met, has never eaten any of my food or been to one of my events or weddings. I think this is a misuse of the privilege of writing reviews if you give a negative review to a person whose services you have never enjoyed and with whom there is no contract, promise, or deal of any kind. Lisa and I discussed a tasting in August...I never heard from her again, until I received an email (which I found in spam) last week. I also have an email from her, written after this event calling me a "consumate professional" so I don't understand why she would need to take the time to be so spiteful. Additionally with regard to Rashetda. Rashetda's complaint revolves around the cut of meat for the chicken (roast stuffed chicken) and one of 7 or 8 deserts which she claimed was the wrong shape. The chicken was several parts of the chicken, it is a delicious Italian dish stuffed with mascarpone, rosemary and proscuito. It is mainly breast, but other parts of the chicken are used as well, as it works really nicely. Rashetda enjoyed a thorough tasting of her menu, and asked to add on a 3rd entree choice after (which I added at no extra charge for her) we discussed it, and unlike so many of my brides she didn't like it. (I might point out Rashetda doesn't eat chicken so unfortunately didn't get to taste it herself) The desert really has me boggled. The plain white vanilla cake she requested by email indeed arrived. She says it was a sheet cake, I say it was a lovely white vanilla cake ordered from a vendor she approved in advance. I don't know what to say to defend myself because I think the cake was perfect. RAshetda complains that I was unattentive. Well, my company is not a one man band. Yes, I do work with my clients to get the menu, price, all the services and then the contract signed, it is true, though, that I have people who work with me who then take over alot of the details during the preproduction of the wedding. I am still involved in every detail, but I don't take every phone call, and make every personal change to the floor plan. I am sure I don't expect the owner of every business I deal with to give me personal attention on every detail of every transaction I do with them. I know that Rashetda received alot of attention, and indeed, I have evidence of 100's of emails within the 6 weeks that she booked us before her wedding. Price. Rashetda has repeatedly suggested she paid more than the norm for her wedding. I can tell you she paid considerably less, and she beat me down so far on price that It became almost undoable. 80 person wedding, cocktail hour with passed hors d'oeuvres and a 4 course plated dinner with an extensive dessert buffet. All staffing both kitchen and front of house. Rashetda had included in the price of $175pp ALL the rentals, including ballroom chairs. This was an independent venue that required EVERYTHING to be brought it. Rashetda paid $14,000 for her wedding (excluding tax and the tip which she beat me down on in advance). Also, she had a choice of 3 entrees. As regards her not getting hors d'eouvres - she was gone taking photographs, her friend/planner couldn't find her, we had platters of hors d'eouvres sent to her room and we looked and waited for her. If the planner couldn't find her, then I don't know how we were meant to find her. I work very hard and do my best for all of my clients, most weeks I recieve phone calls (last week) emails (the week before) hard written notes in the mail (the week before that) from happy satisfied clients, I am sorry that Rashetda isn't one of them, and more sorry that Left Eye felt the need try to destroy my reputation over a tasting that she feels I missed.
Services used: Catering, Wedding Venue