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Feb 16, 2013

Nophoto 130
Ben Moss Jewelers
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
Don't leave your ring with them! And awful customer service!
We bought a 1 c. engagement ring from the west Edmonton location. The ring and diamond were nice and worthy, but I had to have it sized for me. When I received the ring there were many brown spots on it and the size was not what I'd asked for. So I had to leave it with them again, and I purchased the warranty at this point. The second time I received my ring they had chipped my diamond. Worse than that, the management didn't accept the responsibility and said that huge chip was a natural characteristic of the diamond and that it was inside of the stone, not outside. Also his behavior was very rude and disrespectful. He said they would replace it but they won't grantee that the quality of the new one would be the same. He also said he won't give us a dollar back because we had sized the ring. My fiance said we want to show the ring to other stores to see what they'd think about the chip. We took it to 3 different stores and they all said that it was a chip, not a natural quality and that it was external, not internal. Also there were some more scratches on the top. So we went back and told him that we would complain against them because they lied to us and tried to trick us. It was at this point that he said he would give our money back.
Anyways, it is so brutal of you, Ben moss to do this to your customers and bitter their experience of their engagement.
Services used: Jewelry