Sep 10, 2010

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We are having an outdoor ceremony followed by our reception at the Riverdale Manor in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Neither Bill or I are from Lancaster but we searched up and down the state looking for something that really fit us and I am so pleased that we were able to have our dream wedding here!

For the ceremony we wanted to be under big trees with our guests all around us. This is what the space looks like for an example

our ceremony and reception venue photo 1our ceremony and reception venue photo 2

And for the reception, inside it is a restored farmhouse with big high ceilings and windows all around. Perfect for our wedding!

our ceremony and reception venue photo 3our ceremony and reception venue photo 4

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Bill has four groomsmen and I have to say I'm so happy with the guys he has chosen to be in our wedding. I truly love all of them as if they were my own brothers.


BM- Brett and Bill met sometime in middle school. They've have been class-mates, team-mates, room-mates, and best friends throughout the years. They always have a great time together and Bill is really happy to have him as my Best Man.

and our groomsmen photo 1


GM- Jon is another one of Bill's best friends. They met way back at Sunrise Elementary School, so they've been friends for a while. Jon is the coolest bald person we know. Seriously, this guy has been balding since he was like ten. It is ridiculous.

and our groomsmen photo 2


GM- Bill met CJ through me and we'd been friends for a while. In a short amount of time CJ and Bill have become really good friends. I am really happy to have him in our wedding, and I am sure we will be friends for years to come.

and our groomsmen photo 3


GM- Stefan and Bill met early on in our college careers; he lived next door to Brett and Bill their first year in Turnbull. They immediately became friends. He is a really cool person with a great sense of humor. When he, Bill, and a few others get together a good time can always be had. Stefan has been a great friend and will always be.

and our groomsmen photo 4




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I have a total of six bridesmaids who I love to death; I see them to

  be like family and I can't imagine my wedding day without them!


MOH- Kayla has been one of my best friends since high school. She can make anyone  laugh without even trying. When Bill proposed, I had to call her right away, I knew she would be the best at helping me with everything. I couldn't imagine having a better friend to be with me on the big day!

meet my bridesmaids photo 1


BM- Ashley I have known the longest and love to pieces. She makes me laugh and can keep me awake til 4 am just talking. She has the biggest heart and has been supportive of Bill and I from the very beginning. I would honestly be lost without her.

meet my bridesmaids photo 2

BM- Mei-ly is a very close friend who I also met in high school. We met through a photography class at school and everytime you see her, she has that camera in hand. She's one of the best friends anyone could ask for! I hope she takes some great shots on the big day!
meet my bridesmaids photo 3

BM'S-Tracy (left) and Helene (right) are some of my closest friends since college. I share everything with them and they've always been there for me. They're so much fun and some of the best people I could have had the chance to know!

meet my bridesmaids photo 4


BM-Sara was my roommate in college. She is such a great friend. We hosted a slew of crazy parties when we lived together and sometimes we would do dumb things like go on hunts for Steelers flags and get an absolutely insane cat. She is my other half! She moved to Kent State, Ohio, but we still love each other to death!

meet my bridesmaids photo 5

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Bill actually had planned out a very cute surprise for us. It was out 6 month anniversary (i know so soon) and he came on down for a visit.

We went down to washington square in philadelphia, and just walked around the city for awhile, looking for a place to get something to eat. We stopped in a very small park, and found a cozy bench. He let me prop my legs up on his knee and rest my feet (i had big heels on!)

As we sat there, Bill started getting all sort of fidgety, and nervous. When I asked him what was wrong, he told me he loved me and couldn't imagine being without me, and right then and there asked me to be his wife!!

He gave me a beautiful garnet and diamond ring that I absolutely adore! Red is my favorite color and my sweetheart knows me too well!

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Hey everyone, I'm Krista and I'm a 22 year old psychology student at Indiana University of PA. I'm graduating this year and getting married 9 months later. My fiance is Bill and he's also a student at Indiana University of PA. He's a regional planning major and we have lived together for about 8 months now, in a cute apartment where Law and Order is always on!

We're both PA sweethearts, but from opposite sides of the state. I grew up in Levittown, PA and he grew up in Irwin, PA. We met at IUP one night over a cup of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Seriously, what could be a better start.

We both love to cook, entertain, and share stories with friends over a good drink and a movie.

We cannot wait to start our life together, shame we're waiting til Sept 10,2010!

about bill and me photo 1