Feb 01, 2014

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it's official - February 7, 2014!

14K white gold, 1.3 carats. So beautiful - it is perfect, and he did wonderful (just like I knew he would)

He put a ring on it photo 1


He put a ring on it photo 2

He put a ring on it photo 3

He put a ring on it photo 4

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Hey, I'm Audra, and I'm marrying Matthew Stephen on February 1, 2014, at a lovely church on a local university campus. I am super ecstatic to begin my life with him. I'm a receptionist at an insurance agency and enjoy having my evenings to watch tv, cook, wedding plan, etc. :) I went to college for music, and studied vocal performance. I will graduate with my associate's in general studies in May (yay!).


Well, so far, not a whole lot has been decided for the wedding yet - we are still trying to figure out colors, and trying to work things out with my parents so that they will be okay with us getting married in November (didn't like how we started our relationship, don't like us together, think we're too young, not financially stable enough, want us to wait a few years, etc, etc, etc....). So until that gets worked out, I don't feel like a whole lot can be done. We had our venue picked out, and missed the deadline for payment on Monday because I didn't want my parents miffed at me for moving forward with our plans without hearing what they have to say first. Thankfully, we have a wonderful wedding coordinator at the church who is holding the date for us until after we meet with my parents. I had a cake tasting scheduled for tomorrow (March 2), but have had to move that so we can meet with my parents. A little disapointed. :( I am thinking of having a cake like this -


1 Corinthians 13 cake


or this one - (or maybe a mixture of both??)


We have decided to do the unity cross ceremony during our wedding. They are so beautiful, and represent so much beauty. I am super excited about this.



You can see more about the Unity Cross here -

I will be purchasing these stamps (with our names on them) to mail on the envelopes.


We have decided to do a nacho bar and have york peppermint patties at our wedding - two of our favorite things.


And we've decided on this to go in the programs as well -


oh, and beauty and the beast vases at the reception :)


also, I will be doing something along the lines of these in honor of his sisters who died before birth (Christina would be 24 and one of my bridesmaids, and Isabella would be 4 by the time we get married and one of our flower girls)

we'll be tying each of our rings to our Precious Moments Bibles that we had as children


and we definitely want do this in addition to our guestbook

I would also like to have Matthew's best man, Todd, read several passages from Scripture that mean a lot to Matthew and myself.


oh, and I want do this :D


so that's all I have planned for now.... tomorrow is eight months until our (planned) wedding date! :)