Feb 16, 2013

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The venue is beautiful, however be careful of the hidden costs! These costs will be presented to you as you are getting closer to your wedding date! We requested an open bar for our guests, and they served luke warm beer, they didn't have half half for any of their drinks, they didn't have any of the liquor we requested to have, the bartender was rude to our guests and they did not continue the bar for four hours, they started charging my guests after 3 hours because the bartender informed my guests that after three hours, they needed to charge for drinks, not based on consumption, but rather on time. They did not inform us of this policy, in fact they told us the bar would be fully serviced for four hours! We went for a food and cake tasting and it was delicious, however, at the ceremony, the cake was so hard that it taste like it had been baked 6 months earlier! Good Luck if you are using this vendor! Make sure you get everything in writing and you request a final balance when you book this venue, if you don't want to end up paying $8000 one month before your wedding date!
Services used: Wedding Venue
Los Willows Wedding Estate
After having a beautiful anniversary celebration at our estate, this couple threatened to post negative reviews about us if we did not give them money. First they asked for $800, then they went down to $600. During our last conversation with them, they manufactured more "complaints" about their event. It's too bad that this is how they are choosing to celebrate.

Los Willows maintains very high standards of customer service, food quality and professionalism. We maintain contact with all of our clients from the start to the end of their event to ensure that they are happy with everything. If there is ever an instance where our standards are not met or the client's expectations are not met, we work with the client to resolve any issues in a fair and ethical manner.