Mar 21, 2013

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Choosing destination wedding is a wonderful way to add glitter and that extra happiness to your wedding celebrations. The general preconceived notion of people is that only rich & famous can afford it, but the truth is that anyone with moderate budget can find a destination of his choice. Here are 7 tips for helping you for organizing a splendid and unforgettable destination nuptial. 
1 Ample time for planning:
Start the planning well in advance. Almost 7 to 10 months before the scheduled date, you have to sort out everything clearly.  These weddings require more intense planning than the local wedding as the venue is going to be place that you are not familiar. It is good to hire a wedding planner. Hire vendors, get into contract and make advance payment.  
2. Informing guests in advance:
It should not be like the guests are getting the first information about wedding from the scroll invitation card distributed just 3 months before the marriage. Most of them need to make substantial amount of arrangement to their schedule to be part of your big celebration.  In case, it is taking place outside country then time is needed to complete legalities like Visa and passport.  A time span of anywhere between 6 to 8 months will help them to organize everything smoothly. 
3. Check local weather: 
Check the weather condition of the destination where you want to conduct the ceremony. There are certain months when the weather is quite harsh and conducting the ceremony during the time means you need to keep a backup plan or make arrangements in case the weather goes haywire. The rates are less during off seasons while during a time when festivals are around the price may go up considerably due to influx of tourist.
4. Selection of vendors 
You will see that most of the vendors today have online portfolios thus it becomes easy to check the references.  The vendors and suppliers for decoration, flowers, catering needs to be locals. Equally important are videographer, beautician, photographer, you have the option to take them along or hire local professional if they fall within your budget.
5 Hiring wedding planner:
It is sensible to avail services of travel advisor and local wedding planner. They will work as your advisors, coordinator and consultant. This will save you from running around in a foreign land searching for various items. They know the right price of everything and know where to get them. Hiring a good local planner & travel advisor will make the entire process of managing the nuptial a smooth process. 
6 Visiting Destination: 
Travel to the desired venue before finalizing it. Well you might have got lot of information about the location from the wedding planner, but still visiting the place before finalizing the location is intelligent decision. Meet locals and try to gather information and find the legal requirement. When checking the place also thing about your guests. Extensive traveling or harsh climate will make them uncomfortable.
7. Looking after guests:
Make journey pleasant for them by arranging for convenience. Give them complete information about the area along with a list of tourist destination and shopping areas. It would be great, if you leave few cars with them so they can roam around the place.   
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Every couple wants that their wedding should be unique; it becomes a matter of utmost importance if there is a wedding of some close friends or relatives at the same time. The successfully personalizing will make your “I do” different from the rest. It can be by the intelligent use of colors, decorations, attires or a special song. Coming out with something that helps people to remember your wedding is the key. Wedding are generally expensive, going for something extravagant means you have to make payment at a later date. The best would to go for a theme Chinese Theme wedding, which not only is cheap but also make your big day standout.

Before you plan this there are some essential things that you should know especially about China and things related to it. This will help you plan out the wedding in such a way that your oriental wedding will become talk of the town. Here are five steps that will help you to successfully conduct the nuptial in a unique way.

Chinese Décor:

chines wedding decorations

This is the easiest way to jazz up the wedding. Ask the wedding coordinator to use small lucky bamboo plants, Chinese lanterns, party paper Poms and flowers to decorate the venue. Further, you can use phoenix centerpieces, traditional large Chinese dragons and flowers to decorate the stage.


Chines wedding Invitations

The invitation has to be special. The best would be go for a Scroll Wedding Invitation card, you can get it customized and print the name of couple in Chinese along with English or any other language of your choice. The couples initials engraved in Chinese on the scroll inviting box will make it standout.

Chinese Cuisine:
Chinese cuisines because of its delicious taste have made special place in the heart people around the world. Your wedding menu should include Chinese noodles, Chow-mein, fried rice, noodle soup, Zhajiangmian, Buddha's delight, Pickled vegetables and Hot and sour soup. In desserts you can have   Panfried water chestnut cake, Bing and Gao. If you want you can also go for Indo-Chinese food fusion.  This way you can cater the needs of guest who prefer only traditional Indian food.

Theme Dress codes
The Chinese are known to use lot of red, so you can request your guest to come dressed in red and gold traditional attire. As a bride and groom you also need to dress up according to your theme of the wedding. The best is to go to an online apparel store, get a beautiful red Qipao for the bride and a Zhongshan suit for the groom.   

Chinese Return Gifts
As it is a Chinese Theme wedding, the return gift needs to Chinese only. The best thing is that you can get a whole lot of amazing variety of return gifts at affordable cost. You can give lucky bamboo plants, laughing Buddha, or Feng Shui Red Phoenix as a gift.

Organizing a Chinese themed wedding is easy. It requires right planning and preparation. Make it a point to let your guests know the theme of the wedding in advance, so they have enough time to get the attire.

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Theme wedding are the flair of the seasons. It gives couples unique ideas to make their big day unique and special. Let us have a look at top 4 wedding themes doing rounds nowadays.  

1- Pirate Wedding Themes:

Pirate Wedding Themes

If you are big fan of jack sparrow, the sexy captain of Pirates of the Carribbean and wished to have some cool adventure like that then you can choose pirate wedding theme for you big day. Send scroll invitation in shape of a map with couples name written in bold red color. The ideal location can be a beach resort or decked ship, decorate it with torches and signs of danger. Place treasure chest filled with fakes coins and jewels all over the venue.  The guests dressed in pirate outfit will spice up the event. Of course, the groom & bride also need to follow the pirate’s dress code.  

2- Beached Theme Wedding:

Beaches are one of the favorite spot for theme wedding. The golden sand, the tall pine trees, and soothing sound of sea make the atmosphere magical. You can decorate the venue using sea shells and fresh flowers. The bridal wear should be Greece inspired. You can choose pristine blue and Turkish green. The color of ocean is blue, so you can request the guest to come dressed in ocean blue or white.  The invitation needs to be special a funky design with some catchy words even nice sketch of couples will make it look really cool. When it comes to food menu, it has to be fresh barbequed sea food. When it comes to center pieces you can create attractive center pieces by filling half of big glass bowls with golden sand and shells then place star fishes in it. Another beautiful options is sand castle.

Idea 3- Indian Theme Wedding:

Indian Theme Wedding

This theme is extremely popular with foreigners.  The nuptial according to Indian culture is seen as a bond of seven births. There are numerous interesting customs & rituals associated with every ceremony. The groom arrives at the venue on decorated horse or elephant with rest of procession following him dancing & singing.  The bride in the traditional heavy wedding outfit looks not less than a queen. The typical Hindu wedding lasts the entire night. The invitation card is also exquisite; it has a picture of Lord Ganesha along with Sholak in Sanskrit in it.  If you believe in rebirth and want the same loving partner as your spouse in every birth then you should go for Indian theme wedding.

Idea 4: Luau Theme Weddings

Luau Theme Weddings

It is extremely popular theme with young couples. The words “Luau” stands for “feast” in Hawaiian, so it important that for a perfect Luau Theme Weddings everything needs to have a touch of Hawaiian themed elements. The bride should choose a long white flowing gown. In place of the traditional veil she should wear around her head a ring made from flowers. The groom wears a white pant & shirt with a bright sash around the waist. You can ask your guest to come in printed Hawaiian attire – the men come in printed shirts while the women can wear linen or cotton outfit with prints. You can decorate the place using Tiki torches and seasonal flowers. Hire a live band or some poplar guitarist to play some soulful Hawaiian music. Great food, wine and music will make it unforgettable wedding for everyone.

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It is always exciting to break rules, try out new things and when it comes to wedding then surely it is one thing that should be tried by every couple because in eight out of the ten wedding you attended you will find almost everything is similar – the location, bridal attire, music and even the menu for food. It seems like going from wedding to another with only the Bride & Groom changed. Doing something that is unusual is fun & exciting and for wedding nothing is better than going for a theme wedding.

wine them wedding

If you love adventure and love to try daring things then you should opt for a wine-themed wedding. It is innovative, fun and gives you a chance to try out new things.

Wine Theme wedding is perfect for couples who love the drink.  The wedding planner can help you recreate a magnificent vineyard using artificial grapevine branches, grapes and some unique wine-related memorabilia at the venue. You can also place posters and cutouts of famous wine regions like France, Italy or of any place where your favorite wine is made. Everything is going to have wine signature mark to it – name every table with the name of some famous winery. You can use wine cork to label desserts or buffet table.

Wine bottle guestbook:
The classic guests book is always the first choice when it comes signing, since yours is a cool wine theme wedding you need something that is really quirky how about asking your guests sign few of bottles of your favorite wine and champagne. Get specially colored pens used for writing on glass then request them to sign. They are going enjoy it as it is something they may have never done before. After the big day, store them at such a place at home that your visitors can see. Of-course you can have it with your sweetheart on your first anniversary or any other special occasion.

Group Wine Tasting:

To make the occasion exciting you can organize group wine tasting for your guests. This will give them an opportunity to taste some of your favorite wines - whites, reds or even beers in brief any combination you decide.  Make it a point to offer some delicious finger snacks along with it. The guest list may include people who are teetotaler or underage, for such people organize a non-alcoholic taste event. You can include gourmet chocolates, sparkling cider, and different kinds of mocktails to spice up the event.


When it comes to food, of course your menu will have some classy and tasteful wine with some delicious cuisines. Wine wedding adds a certain level of style and sophistication to the wedding. Cake is an integral part of every wedding, here you can have a cake with a bit difference like wine flavored cupcake or grape cake.  You can even go for a wine designed wedding cake and cookies. Your guest surely will be delighted


Simple wedding invitation will not work for such innovative theme based wedding; the best would be to go with a scroll invitation card.  You can send the invitation along with a mini wine bottle. The guests surely will make it to the evening.

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