Apr 25, 2013

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We leave in THIRTY days!  Whaaaat?  Left on my to-do list:

...wait for my dress to arrive!  


I seriously think that's it!  I got an email from the dressmaker saying it will ship out next week.  I can't wait!!!  We have everything else nailed down  :)  I've got my alterations girl ready to go in case I need some adjustments.  I'm really hoping the dress is fitted through the stomach area but I've heard that style is a bit empire-waisted.  So we'll just have to see.

Spoke with Merry Maui Weddings today and finalized the beach and time we'll be married on, and verified the information with my photographer, Heather Hemstreet.  

Picked up my fiance's wedding clothes from the dry cleaner (we just got it done way early so we won't have to think about it)  He's wearing a white button down collared shirt by Rock & Republic (we will roll the sleeves up casually) and a pair of light khaki flat front chino pants.  Our little one has a nearly identical outfit.  I think it will be a nice compliment to my dress... beachy, airy, casual but dressed up in an easy way.  Honestly all I can think we'll really need is to pick up a sweet and simple tropical bouquet on the way and that's it.  :)

Almost wish I had more to talk about! 

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So... I did what some of you may consider to be the ultimate in risky bridal behavior/ poor decision making.  I ordered my dress online, site unseen.  From China.  For $200.  And it's set to arrive one week before we depart for Maui.  I know, I know, I'm nuts!  I'm just considering this as an exercise in faith ;)  

I was looking for a beach-appropriate wedding gown at a killer price.  Something sweet, simple and flattering.  I found it on www.inweddingdress.com  Here's a photo of the dress (can be found under their "beach wedding dresses" tab):

my dress

I have no idea who made the dress originally, how much it's supoposed to cost or how luxurious the fabric is supposed to be.  I'm planning on getting it pretty roughed up in the surf and sand so it made  more sense to go for something so ridiculously affordable and risk it not being all that perfect.  There were 71 reviews of this dress, so I felt a little relief.

Most of the reviews were picture requests, but I did find someone who left a glowing review of her gown and even offered up her e-mail address to anyone who wanted to see photos of it from her wedding day.  I e-mailed her and she got back to me with some of the most lovely wedding pictures I've ever seen!  She and her husband live on Oahu and had a wedding on the beach very much like the one I am planning.  I was instantly at ease, and we are now facebook friends  ;)

So with that reassurance behind me, I got my measurements taken and ordered the dress right away.  That was on March 2.  I have a couple weeks until it's set to arrive and I promise to take detailed photos and leave a full review of my honest thoughts.  I have seen more brides asking about inweddingdress (and other similar companies) than actual personal experiences so hopefully mine will help someone out there.

Fingers crossed!  :)

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My fiance and I are eloping!  We are getting married on the beach of South Maui on April 25th, 2013.  We couldn't be happier with our decision to elope- it will just be us and our adorable one-year old son.  Planning a "real" wedding started giving me anxiety so we decided to do something small, intimate and easy- we will have it filmed and photos taken to share with friends & family when we return.  We are also considering having a big Celebration Party sometime this summer at an outdoor rooftop lounge where we can have cocktails, apps and cake without all of the typical reception frills.

Me:  I'm 28, a Realtor, lived in Northern California my whole life.  Luckiest mom ever to my adorable son, Parker who turned 1 in January.  He is absolutely the light of my life and brings me so much joy... nothing opens your heart more or brings you closer to your partner than the love of a child!  Love travelling, food, exploring new neighborhoods, spending time with my family & friends  :)

My Man:  He's 38, pacific islander, gun enthusiast, car enthusiast, gym rat, boys boy who loves his toys and his kids.  He has a 5.5 year old son who I just love to pieces.  Together we make an amazing family! <3