Nov 09, 2013

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My fiance and I have been together for a little over 3 years. We met through his sister; who has been my best friend for about 8 years. I was very weary of dating my best friends' brother, but thought if it doesn't work out it was just one date. Our first date was at Billy Bob's to see Stoney LaRue...and we've never been apart since. We bought our first house about 5 months ago and got engaged this past Easter weekend. We went to Fredericksberg, Tx for a weekend getaway. Spent 2 nights on a working ranch with fishing, boating, and tons of cute farm animals. On Sunday we decided to climb Enchanted Rock; which was no small feat. After wanting to quit about 3 times we finally made it to the top at sunset. We walked over to the edge and took pictures of the sunsetting over the hills. He asked me if I regretted climbing the mountain, and as I'm hunched over trying to catch my breath, I say yes. He then asks "well do you regret it now?" I turn around and there is a box with a sparkling ring inside. I was already having a hard time breathing, but managed to speak "no, not anymore". I was very surprised and happy that I will always have a great proposal story.