Sep 05, 2015

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Not sure if I will stay with my original hair idea or not. All I really want to have done is controlled curls. I was blessed with red hair (at least people tell me it's a blessing). My hair is naturally curly and if I do nothing with it it's frizzy and has a mind of it's own. I tend to straighten my hair alot. When it's straightened my hair is to my waist. If I leave it natural it's about 8 inches above my waist.

The longer it gets the more natural curl comes out of it. I know I want to wear my hair mostly down and curly. So I have gathered some inspiration photos to show what I want. I will not use the flowers. I do plan to use Crystal pins though you can twist in your hair.

My Hair photo 1Wedding, Hair, Long

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My Wedding is September 5, 2015. I always wanted to get married at sunset but never wanted to wait that late in the day to get things started. Here is our timeline 

8 am....Bride and bridal party meeting for breakfast

10 am....Wedding Coordinator and Vendors start arriving

11 am......Bride and bridl party arrive at the Venue

12 pm.......Hair and Makeup starts

1:30 pm.......Bride and Bridal Party pictures start

2:30 pm.....Groom and Groomsmen arrive at the Venue

3:00 pm....First Look

4:00......Pictures with Groom and Groomsmen

5:30 pm.....Ceremony Starts

6:30 pm......Wedding Party Introductions

6:45 pm....Buffet dinner served

Our first dance will be after dinner followed by Mother/Son Dance.

My dad has passed away so there will be no father/daughter dance

11:30 pm......The Night Comes to an End

We will go from the Venue to a honeymoon suite and leave the next morning for our Honeymoon. We are looking at Jamaica or Cancun

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I know I was planning a wedding with someone else a few months ago. A friend and I reconnected and after much contemplation I decided to take the plunge and start dating him. He lived over an hour away but he kept telling me we had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  I was afraid of losig my best friend if having a serious relationship didn't work.. I definitely was sketptical. We use to tell each other we loved each other all the time. HE use to tell me we were too perfect for each other. We even use to tease and say we were going to get married one day because no one else out there was going to be what we were looking for so we would have to settle with each other. We started talking on the phone everyday and texting constantly. He told me he was falling hard for me. I was speechless because it wasn't but only a couple months after my split with Byron. I refused to allow myself to go there. 

For the first time in my life I experienced fireworks and my heart immediately melted. We spent the entire day together driving and walking around. I've never had the experience of immeditaely knowing I was exactly where I wanted to be and my best friend quickly became the man I couldn't stand to be away from. I know what some are thinking and saying but this is a man I've known for years and has seen me in good and bad. Someone who knows all my bad habits and qualities, my weird corks and what makes me tick. He immediately started telling me he wanted me to move. I have always hated changing jobs and I became scared to death and again asking myself what if it didn't work.

I discussed my feelings with my sister who has always been there to listen to me while never casting judgement. She always gives me her opinion and gives me another aspect on things. All she would say is "what if you don't go? Will you regret it later? Will you always ask what if I had taken the chance? After taking several days and thinking very hard I decided I would give it six months and then move. So I have embarked on a new journey.

This time is like no other because this is a man who knows me like no other. I have no secrets from him and this is a time I have no blinders on because I already know him so well. I know ther are things about each other we probaby don't know and living together is much different than not. This is someone who has been my best friend for many years and in my list of what I want from a marriage/relationship being married to my best friend is one of them.

He tells me everyday I will have what I have always wanted and he can't wait to be my husband. So now I begin planning a wedding with no budget just my dreams coming true. 


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My photographer will remain the same. I have looked at many photographers and of course some cheaper than others I kept going back to the more expensive one of course. Although their packages were great and I was in love with their work I couldn't help but think I could find someone cheaper but still get the services and photos I wanted to get. On Oct 12 I had a photographer Tina Smith from Joplin, Missouri take senior pictures of my twin girls. When we arrived the first thing I noticed was her wedding photos. They were BREATH TAKING! Watching her interact and photograph my girls I had this feeling come over me that SHE was my wedding photographer. As my girls changed clothes I started talking to her and her husband. about shooting my wedding. 

When we went back to her home studio they had ordered pizza to eat while we viewed the photos and decided which ones we liked. The same day they were taken. I was beyond impressed. She showed me wedding albums as well as prices. I came home and did some more comparison and today I decided Tina Smith with Smith Photography is my photographer beyond a doubt. 

For $2500 this is what we will be getting:

Unlimited wedding day coverage with 2 photographers

Engagement Session

Bridal Session (this will be my Budoir session)

$350 credit towards any prints we order

DVD with all photographs taken with coppyright release

Online Proofing and Ordering

2-8x8 Parents Albums

30 page-10x10 Storybook

DVD Slideshow of our favorite 100 photos

50 photographic Save The Dates or Thank You Notes

Our $350 credit will cover the print package we want. It will include:

1-16x20 mounted on a canvas stretcher frame or 2-12x24 Personalized Composites Mounted on Artboard




80 Wallets (10 sheets)



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I am planning a new wedding with someone new but I still LOVE this dress so I am still giong to go with this dress. 



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Today I got some awesome news. I am now part of the Pink Hart Team. I just srubled across PW one days and I have been hooked ever since. If I can be of any help at all please let me know. I am still in the planning stages of my own wedding and I love every minute of it.