Apr 25, 2015

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Well as of right now my wedding has been placed on hold. I don't know when or even if my wedding will take place but I am going to keep on planning my dream wedding. I am so glad that I have had PW to come to for words of encouragement through this dificult time. I know it will all work out the way God plans for it to.


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I looked at my blog and noticed I didn't have a section about us so I decided to make one. Byron is 42 and has three children. Two boys and a girl. He is a welder. I am 41 and I have two girls and a boy. I am a nue. So together we have The Brady Bunch. All our children are close to the same age. Our youngest are his son and my twins and they are 18. I will get some pictures added soon. I am camera happy all the time. I can't wait to get our e pics done this summer
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Today I got some awesome news. I am now part of the Pink Hart Team. I just srubled across PW one days and I have been hooked ever since. If I can be of any help at all please let me know. I am still in the planning stages of my own wedding and I love every minute of it.

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Well after much debate with myself I have finally decided on my dress. I am not a small bride so I wanted a dress that would cover up my trouble areas. I was going to use because I have heard that others have had good luck but I couldn't bring myself to do it. To entrust an overseas company with the most important item of my wedding. I tried to convince myself because of the cost but I couldn't. So here she is costing $950

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I have looked at many photographers and of course some cheaper than others I kept going back to the more expensive one of course. Although their packages were great and I was in love with their work I couldn't help but think I could find someone cheaper but still get the services and photos I wanted to get. On Oct 12 I had a photographer Tina Smith from Joplin, Missouri take senior pictures of my twin girls. When we arrived the first thing I noticed was her wedding photos. They were BREATH TAKING! Watching her interact and photograph my girls I had this feeling come over me that SHE was my wedding photographer. As my girls changed clothes I started talking to her and her husband. about shooting my wedding. 

When we went backt o her home studio they had ordered pizza to eat while we viewed the photos and decided which ones we liked. The same day they were taken. I was beyond impressed. She showed me wedding albums as well as prices. I came home and did some more comparison and today I decided Tina Smith with Smith Photography is my photographer beyond a doubt. 

For $2500 this is what we will be getting:

Unlimited wedding day coverage with 2 photographers

Engagement Session

Bridal Session (this will be my Budoir session)

$350 credit towards any prints we order

DVD with all photographs taken with coppyright release

Online Proofing and Ordering

2-8x8 Parents Albums

30 page-10x10 Storybook

DVD Slideshow of our favorite 100 photos

50 photographic Save The Dates or Thank You Notes

Our $350 credit will cover the print package we want. It will include:

1-16x20 mounted on a canvas stretcher frame or 2-12x24 Personalized Composites Mounted on Artboard




80 Wallets (10 sheets)



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I have been planning for some time now. When I started planning I was sure I knew what I was going to do without a doubt. We set our budget high enough that we could have exactly what we wanted and not sacrifice any details and have a NO REGRETS event.

The more research I did and more pictures I looked at the more I started changing one detail at a time. The feel and atmosphere has remained the same. It's more difficult than I thought. My main priority is that our event be about US as a couple but I also want our guests to have a good time and this to be a day everyone will be talking about for a long time. I guess that's the Diva in me. 

Just because I am planning a wedding doesn't mean the rest of my life stops or even slows down. Imagine that ! When our budget savings plan stalled and slowed I began to panic. Of course there are cuts that can be made but one thing we have said from day one is we want to have a day of NO REGRETS. So many decisions to be made from the type of dinner, what food to serve, what flavor of cake to serve, decorations, to have a coordinator or not, what photographer to choose, what attire to put our wedding party in, music, DJ, alcohol or not and the list goes on and on. 

My PW family has been a tremendous support from helping me make decisions to giving me their opionions. As my wedding draws closer I am feeling more relaxed because as I make the most important decisions and purchasee items I know the choice is made and it puts my mind more at ease especially since I can't change it anymore lol.