Oct 24, 2009

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NON PRO PICS photo 1

BIL Jon, Dad, Erik, BM Nick

NON PRO PICS photo 2

Jr Groomsman (erik's nephew and son)

NON PRO PICS photo 3

Daddy and me walking down the isle

NON PRO PICS photo 4


NON PRO PICS photo 5

first kiss

NON PRO PICS photo 6

we're married!!!

NON PRO PICS photo 7

our intro into the reception!

NON PRO PICS photo 8

first dance

NON PRO PICS photo 9

NON PRO PICS photo 10

father daughter dance

NON PRO PICS photo 11

mother son dance

NON PRO PICS photo 12

formal after our first look

NON PRO PICS photo 13

dancing to cotton eyed joe with my dad, one of the highlights of the night!

NON PRO PICS photo 14

For all my rocker girls out there, you cant have wedding pictures without the horns!!

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I got married on October 24th, 2009 @ 4pm...  so where to start...  Well it poured that day.  ALL day.  I got up around 7 and got all my stuff together to head out to get my hair and make up done.  I ran to my car in the pouring rain, veil in hand as well as my bag of emergency stuff and my laptop. 

I drove myself (what was I thinking) to my appointment about 45 mins from my apartment.  Once there my hair appointment went fabulous!!  She did exactally what I wanted and she also did my sisters hair which came out beautiful too.  We finished around 11, which was perfect because my make up artist was supposed to arrive at 11:15.  Well, 11:30 came and went, and she finally showed up at 11:50!!!  I told her that I needed to be out of there by 12:30/1 at the latest and she said that it would not be a problem. 1 came and went as well and I got out of there around 1:30.  Arggg, now I had to rush to the Elks Club to put on my dress and get ready for my first look with Erik.

I arrived and tried to jump into my dress which seemed to big on the top, so my sister, mother, and the photographer tried to help me "double-side tape me" to the dress.  That was a blast. 

Then it was time to meet Erik down stairs in the library at the Elks.  I walked down the stairs to find that my intimate moment with Erik was going to be more family oriented than I hoped.  Everyone in my immidate family and his were down there waiting for me to arrive.  I walked towards the library doors as Erik waited by the bookshelves.  When he looked at me he put his hand up to cover his mouth as he stared.  It was perfect.  I walked over to him and he told me that I looked beautiful and he hugged.  I am soooo glad that we decided to do a first look.  I even think that we got it on video, but I have to find out. 

So then we did as many of the formal pictures as we could and headed up to get ready for the ceremony.  My sister and cousin tried to attach my veil to the underside of the hairstyle but it wasnt holding with just the comb so they got a bobbypin.  But now as I look back at the pictures, that oe didnt hold it well either and it was falling out on the one side during the ceremony.  Oh well.  Also it turns out our entrance spot was not going to work because people were hanging out in the back hallway where we were supposed to wait.  So we waited in the stairway for them to start my music. 

The ceremony was so loving and heartfilled.  Erik began to read his vows and immediately started crying.  It was touching.  Poor thing was sweating because it was so warm in there too.  Then it was my turn to read my vows.  Not even a stutter.  Not 1 tear.  When I finished Erik whispered, "you suck."  LOL!!  He was sure that I would have cried as well. 

The reception went smooth, we introduced Erik's mother using her old last name (she assumed her maiden name after Eriks father passed away) and Erik and I were introduced using one of our favorite death metal songs y Dimmu Borgir.  It was AWESOME!!  As far as my Ipod music, we ended up using my laptop and playing everythign right off of itunes, but someone messed with it during the night and it wasnt playing the songs in the order that I wanted.  At the end of the night when I went over to it, it was only on song #35 after 4 hours of playing... not cool! 

I also think that my photographer left early.  We had here for 8 hours and she arrived around 1:30/2.  So she shoudl have stayed until 9:30/10 but when I was looking for her around 9:30 she was no where to be found.  Hoefully she got a lot of good shots though.  We have 3 1/2 more weeks to wait until we see any pro pics, but here are some of the non pro's below to hold you guys over.

Also out honeymoon was fantastic!  1 week in Smuggler's Notch, VT going to waterfalls, horseback riding, wineries, magic hat brewery, ben & jerry's factory and more, then 1 week in Las Vegas filled with casinos, motorcycle rides to Red Rock Canyon, and great food.  It was fantastic and I am so not happy to be back at work but who would be?

Now it is time to start looking for a house!  Hugs out to everyone!!


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7:30am-Get up & have breakfast with FI

8:30am-Leave to get hair & MU done

9:30am-Have hair and make-up done

1:00pm-Head to the Elks Club

2:00pm-Arrive at the Elks for pictures

2:30pm-First look pictures with Erik and the photographer

4:00pm-Ceremony Starts

4:30pm-Cocktail Hour


10:30/11:00pm end of reception


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The Groom is wearing a dark (almost black) pinstripe suit with a white shirt and white tie

The Bestman and Jr. Groomsmen are wearing black pinstripe suits with red and orange shirts

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We got engaged in the Finger Lakes @ the Snug Harbor Restaurant.  It poured that day. The restaurant overlooks the lake, and there was a creepy fog that was rolling in (see pic below) and between not eating lunch and wine tasting... I was not feeling in the best of shape.  But when I saw the look in his eye I knew that he was planning something, so I agreed to go to the restaurant for dinner.  (If it were up to me we would have gone back to the hotel and slept)  Of course the timing was perfect, just as he was finishing his speech and opened the ring box the waitress came to our table with the salads!  She congratulated us and gave us both small personal bottles of champagne.  That was April 26th, 2008.  We had been together just under a year before getting engaged and we are so excited in planning the wedding!!!

Here is the docks at the restaurant when we first got there:

The Proposal photo 1

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A little bit about us, I am 23, my fiance is 35, his son is 12, and my family loves him!!  

We spend our time riding motorcycles, watching movies together, going to the gun club and hanging out with just about anyone.  I am also not your typical girl... I love tattoos, reptiles, rifles and pistols... I'm not afraid to touch bugs or get dirty and I love horror movies and the color pink :)