Apr 06, 2013

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( 1.0 / 5.0 )
Although the venue is great, the venue coordinator of this location, Avesta, is absolutely the one person who has ruined the whole wedding planning process for me. My fiance and I booked the wedding a year and a half ago - we told her we are having a ceremony in India 5 months before the wedding, that I would need the directions and location information for the invitations ahead of time since we have family flying in from out of the country and we want to give everyone as much notice as possible. For FOUR MONTHS, I called and emailed, called and emailed, and my did the same...NOTHING!! I finally had to contact the wedding insurance company, and told them I need to cancel the wedding because nobody is getting back to me. The insurance company had to contact the owners of this property and informed them of my potential claim. Only at this point, was I given the owner's number and I contacted her. Although the owners are nice, it seems that they are not good or effective in employing people who know what they're supposed to do.

My suspicion is that Avesta is related to these owners because I cannot imagine anyone deeming this woman competent enough to play the role she is hired to play for Rancho Del Cielo. If you are considering getting married at RDC, don't...find another place in Malibu. There are plenty of them and pending that the people who manage those locations have at least 4 working brain cells, you'll be much better off.
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