Jul 09, 2011

Nophoto 130
Cliff Spicer Photographer
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
Cliff Spicer was an extreme disappointment as a photographer... he is now going under the company name of His and Her Photography of 33 Mill Street.
What a total disappointment.
We were told that we would be getting our proofs 4-5 weeks after our wedding. After waiting 2 months and not hearing from him, we wrote him an email. Two days later he wrote us back to tell us that he has lost our photos in a "power surge." He wouldn't return our phone calls, so we called his partner and their stories did not match up and he would not give us the hard drive or the paperwork... super suspicious.
He then tried to make it up to us by promising an album. We compiled the photos from our guests and sent him the access to a dropbox folder we created. He gave us a proof 6 months later after multiple emails and calls to him, that required small changes and then disappeared again for 6 months. We tried emailing and calling again and he avoided us. We then had to contact his partner who had thought that we had received the album. She worked hard and made us a proof that was exactly what we wanted. Unfortunately, Lisa (Cliff's partner) passed the proof to Cliff to put together and he messed it up. He sent the messed up album anyway. We wrote to lisa about our disappointment and she promised us a fixed album. Well Cliff sent us an album that was WORSE with a handwritten note recognizing the mistake but hoping it would be good enough. It was terrible. We contacted his partner who said that she would get us an album. Then Cliff contacted us and promised us another album by the end of January. It is now April and we have had to contact the Ministry of Consumer Services. We were married almost 2 years ago and he continues to haunt us.
Beware Brides!!!! Cliff Spicer (the photographer and business owner) ruined my wedding day memories!!!
Services used: Photography