Nov 16, 2013

I married the man of my dreams on November 16, 2013. But sorry ladies, I don't know how to add or update my blog because the new PW is not user friendly!
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So, I finally had my first fitting. It seems like I had been waiting forever for this exciting moment! My mom, 2 of my aunts and my maid of honor were there. I brought my shoes and all of my jewelry to get the overall feel and look when I put on my dress. Not too much will have to be altered to my dress luckily, just a little around the bust and back area and of course, the bustle. But after seeing pictures of myself in the dress, I've come to the scary realization that I need to lose some serious weight before the wedding! I need to get my butt in the gym!
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If anyone is interested, I am selling this necklace I just recently purchased from a shop owner on Etsy. There is nothing wrong with the necklace and I have never worn it. It's just that when I received it and saw it in person, I realized it wouldn't go with the overall look that I am going for on my wedding day. I literally just open the box it came in, looked at the necklace for a few minutes and put it right back in the same box. So, it's in perfect condition.

I bought the necklace for $73, including shipping. I am selling it for $50 and I will pay for the shipping charges as well. If anyone is interested in purchasing this necklace, please let me know.

You can purchase it through me through PayPal.

FOR SALE photo 1

FOR SALE photo 2

FOR SALE photo 3


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So, my friend Sarah should have never introduced me to Etsy because it's where I've been getting inspired when it comes to all of the little things I need for our wedding, including my jewelry. It's not the most budget-friendly website but there are just a ton of more options than any 'ole store can give you.

So, as of right now I have bought my hair comb, necklace, earrings, bridesmaids' bracelets and my flower girl's headband all from Etsy. Everything has been shipped to me and I'm out very happy with the outcome of the jewelry I have chosen...except for the necklace, which is not pictured below. It was too cheap and fake looking for my wedding day so I chose not to wear it. Unfortunately, the Etsy shop owner will not let me return it so I am out over $70. I am still on the hunt for my wedding day necklace.


Hair Comb

It will be worn above my low up-do, placed in the middle and my veil will be under my hair.

Seller: Amoretto


Etsy Bridal Jewelry photo 1



Seller: Pineberry Boutique



Seller: Be Yourself Jewelry

Etsy Bridal Jewelry photo 3


Bridesmaids' Bracelets

Seller: Pineberry Boutique

Etsy Bridal Jewelry photo 4

Can you tell I have a theme with my jewelry?! Hehe. ♥

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Ladies!!! Y'all have to help me pick my wedding shoes! And like most brides now-a-days, I'm going to change into more comfortable shoes for the reception. That's a must! But here are the shoes I've found on the Internet so far that I like but I just can't decide on. AGH!!!

As you can tell by the pictures below, I like closed-toe, Mary Jane style heels. I'd prefer the heels not to be any higher than 3 1/2 inches because then I'd be as tall as my groom on our wedding day. And the shoes definitely have to be ivory, not white!

These are my favorite pair I have found so far. But I'm just afraid they'll make me too close in height to my groom. Liza by Benjamin Adams.

OMG shoes photo 1

This pair are a perfect heel height but they're not the cutest shoes I've ever seen.

OMG shoes photo 2

I'm not in love with the below pair simply because they're way too pointy but they are ivory colored and come with a low heel, which I like.



OMG shoes photo 3

The heels below might be too simple. But they're only $19!!! And the heel height might work too.

OMG shoes photo 1

I like the ones below but they might be too pointy and all of the shoes pictured from here on out (all below) are from a European site, I think, because they're sized 30-40 which I totally don't understand.

OMG shoes photo 2

I think this pair is my 2nd favorite pair. I love the ivory color and the look of them. But I'm not sure if they'll look too pointy or not. I've never been a pointy shoe kind of girl.

OMG shoes photo 3

These shoes are totally the Mary Jane style and I love the lace detail. But I'm not sure of the "bulkyness" look of them and if I order them in ivory, will they come out to the exact ivory color I'm wanting?

OMG shoes photo 4

I really like the look of this pair of heels too but I'm afraid the heel (and arch) might be too high, even though the website does say the heel is 8cm, which is about 3 1/4 inches (which I guess isn't too bad).

OMG shoes photo 5

These shoes are definitely too pointy but I like the heel height. But, these are probably definitely not in the top picks for sure.

OMG shoes photo 6

I like these shoes a lot for the heel height, the simple classiness of them and their style. But I'm not sure if they're too simple. But they could be a top contender.

OMG shoes photo 7

Well, those are all of the shoe options I have so far. Please ladies...I need y'alls help choosing which pair would be the best for me on my wedding day! But remember...I'm only going to wear them for the ceremony and then get some comfy slippers for the reception!


The winning shoes...

These are the shoes I ended up buying. I bought them online from They're in the process of still being shipped to me so hopefully them come in okay and are as pretty in person as they are online and I hope they fit (that's what I'm most afraid of)!

The actual shoes are pictured below. They were just delivered to me. They're even more beautiful in person! I am so happy with them. They are going to look so beautiful with my dress. The lace detail is absolutely gorgeous and I ordered them in ivory which came out perfect.

I am so excited. They are the best thing I have bought online for my wedding so far! I ordered them from I would definitely recommend that site to anyone. I am very pleased with what I got and they were shipped to me very fast!


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Since we're getting married in the Fall, I knew it'd be okay to use my favorite color as one of our wedding colors. My favorite color is crimson red, like the color of a red rose. Not maroon or burgundy, rose red! It's such a romantic and bold color, I just love it. And the other color I'm incorporating into our wedding is ivory white...which is very bridal.


Crimson Red

OuR CoLoRs photo 1


Ivory White

OuR CoLoRs photo 2


This is actually what my bridesmaids' bouquets will look like...


OuR CoLoRs photo 3


My bouquet is going to be very bridal. A mix of white and ivory roses, very classic and clean looking.

OuR CoLoRs photo 1

 I've always wanted to do the submerged flowers with the floating candles as my centerpieces and I AM! Half of the tables will have different heights of shorts cylinder vases with red roses submerged and ivory candles floating on top. And the other half of the tables will have tall cylinder vases with different ivory colored wild flowers submerged with ivory candles floating on top. And all of the vases will be sitting on top of large round mirrors surrounded by many small tea candles. It's going to be beautiful. ♥

The pictures below are some ideas of what my centerpieces will look like...

OuR CoLoRs photo 2

OuR CoLoRs photo 3

OuR CoLoRs photo 4


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Here is my engagement ring. It's from Kay Jewelers. We had went engagement ring shopping about 2 months before the proposal happened. I picked out 3 options I'd be happy with and then I let him choose and surprise me later (with a proposal).

Luckily, I had forgotten what all 3 ring options looked liked. And what was even more lucky, he ended up buying the ring he knew I was leaning towards the most! :) I am so in love with it!

I just hope I can find a wedding band that fits well with it or at least looks beautiful sitting next to it because as you can see, my engagement ring has a unique looks like the infinity symbol, which I just love.

My Engagement Ring photo 1

My Engagement Ring photo 2

My Engagement Ring photo 3