Feb 14, 2013

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Tropical Occasions
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I’m an extreme researcher, I for some reason love spending hours on my couch with my laptop researching just about anything. I read all of the reviews I could about Tropical Occasions, I looked at wedding photographers blogs and found weddings that were done by Tropical Occasions, I talked to the photographers I was considering hiring and got their opinion, you name it, I researched it. But what stuck out the most, of any of the research I did, was when I actually talked to Aimee on the phone. Right then I knew that this work was her life’s passion, that she puts everything she has into each and every wedding that her company produces, and she takes incredible pride when the bride and groom have the time of their lives…that’s the person I want in charge of my wife and I’s big day.

1. They’re on top of it, and I mean SUPER on top of it.
2. Their designs are amazing.
3. They worked within our budget.
4. They can deal with an emergency.
5. They are able to keep the day of stress free.
6. Their help doesn’t stop with just wedding planning.They helped us with ideas for our honeymoon too.
7. They can plan the full package. Welcome dinners, rehearsal dinners, group events, you name it.

I can safely say that there is no conceivable way that we could have even had a wedding, let alone such a perfect one without Tropical Occasions. At the conclusion of our year and a half of planning, there’s also no other PEOPLE, I would want to have shared that experience with than Aimee and Karen.
Services used: Wedding Planning