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Aug 01, 2012

130x130 sq 1417003863240 genesis diamonds
Genesis Diamonds
( 1.4 / 5.0 )
Absolutely awful experience.
First of all, the salesman lied about the availability of the type of engagement ring I was interested in. I wanted a certain style in 18k gold. He said that was no problem. When the ring arrived however, it was 14k. No notice or mention of this by the salesman. No difference in price he charged than what he'd quoted for an 18k ring. First lie. But I'll get back to that.

Another issue: When I ordered the ring, I asked about having a hand inscription done. He said machine engraving was all that they could do. Ok, no problem. I asked if there was anyone else who did hand-engraving in the area. He said, no, you'd have to send it to New York to get it done and it cost an arm and a leg compared to machine engraving--there was NO ONE in Tennessee doing it anymore, he said. Well, after investigating further on my own (which simply entailed calling another jewelry store), I was referred to a hand engraver less than an hour's drive away from me. I took the original ring I'd purchased (14k, still unbeknownst to me) to this engraver, who did a beautiful job. When I told him Genesis Diamonds apparently didn't know of him, he looked very confused and said he'd recently been by there to speak with them and left them a business card!
Second lie by their salespeople.

So I had the ring engraved, then realized the store had ordered the WRONG SIZE. (Not my mistake, theirs). They reordered and reimbursed for the engraving. Wedding day is fast approaching. Get the new ring in. Drive back to engraver to get it re-engraved. THEN I notice it's 14k, not 18k!

At that point, it was too late to order another ring. They offered NO partial refund of any kind for lying about it being 18k, charging me for 18k, yet providing a 14k ring, even when I showed them proof that what they'd ordered didn't match what was received.

So bottom line, I would grind my eyes out with a spoon before ever purchasing jewelry there again.
Services used: Jewelry