May 20, 2013

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If anyone wants to know how to do a truly original, fun and nerdy wedding that goes off without a hitch please contact me!

MY OPINION is that your wedding day really should be just about the COUPLE and nothing else.  AND any bride that says it is "MY day" should be punched in the face!  It is about the TWO of you together, uniting as one.  The wedding should be a refletion of both the husband and the wife, the groom should have as much say and input as the bride.  'Themes' shouldn't matter unless that 'theme' is meaningful to you.  Every wedding's 'theme' should simply be US!  And should be a hodge podge of everything that you enjoy and specifically of what you enjoy doing together, things that make you guys work as a couple, and it should be a day celebrating that.

Both my future husband and I are really big geeks (nerds, dorks, whatever) we are big into gaming, comic books, zombies, etc.  We decided to make our wedding our dream wedding.  None of that traditional crap that is to be expected at every wedding!  We want the guests to be entertained and have fun, yet we want to make sure we have fun as well (since its our wedding).  After much arguing with my parents over the craziness that we wanted LOL they accepted it and we were able to have free range and crazy awesomeness is what took place.

SOME of the awesome things we had done or are doing is a comicon themed wedding shower where guests dressed up as superheros, a Game of Thrones Themed wedding, a zombie apocalypse photo series that we turned into a wedding day comic book, we are having our first dance crashed by a zombie flash mob that is going to bust into a choreographed thriller dance (we actually hired a dance school to do this) and all kinds of other awesome nerdiness.  (see pictures for ideas)