Nov 01, 2013

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Here are some inspiration pics of the invitation style I want to create.

I really like the book style, canvas invitations but I am getting married in a castle, so reallly..? :s I might have to do silk...isn't there a way to combine elegant and fun!? lol

DIY 1 Invitations photo 1

DIY 1 Invitations photo 2

DIY 1 Invitations photo 3

DIY 1 Invitations photo 4

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Here is the grand list of DIYs that  I will attempt in the next 5 months. 

Invitations: silk folio folders

Centerpieces: don't know yet

Table runners

Table numbers with our pictures ( Photographer is doing it)

bride/groom chiavari chair decor sash

bride/groom chair sign

Guestbook: art frame

Bouquets chiffon/tulle corsages: for family

flower girl hair band and basket ( spray paint and ribbon handle)

wedding cake stand (silk covered wood box)

photobooth letters/prop

Photobooth ribbon backdrop

favor labels

Bridesmaids + Bride name clothes hanger

Bridesmaid feather fans (6)

Wedding shoulder necklace

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 Last summer, soon after my engagement, I went off to Turkey for a few weeks with my mom. Just her and I, relaxing and bonding. On our last day there, as we were doing our final rounds in the boutique shops of Istanbul, when I notice this little shop selling wedding gowns. I had NEVER tried on a wedding dress at this point and was completely avoiding wedding planning ( hence the vacation) but I just couldn't resist this shop. The store front was so quaint and so European despite its location in the traditional area of Istanbul. 

We went in and I started looking and feeling the dresses and was seriously impressed with the textile choices and craftmanship of these dresses. I asked the sales lady if she was the owner and where in the world did she get these dresses. She points to the back of her boutique and asks us to follow her. We poke our heads into a studio atelier with 3 woman and rolls of fabric and embelishments. I was soo impressed. Their work was amazing. All hand sewn diamonte stones, svaworski crystals and beads. The designs all custom. The owner was so sweet and helpful despite our language barrier. She looked at my body and took out a few dresses to try on.

Long story short, each of them was wow. Me being the perfectionist and needing to get everything right..lol, I put the top of one on the bottom of another and bought the dress right there and then. OUr flight was scheduled the next day so no seeing the dress. My mom picked  it up 4 months later when it was ready.

Here are similar top and bottom of my dress: Pnina Tornai had the most similar ones.


Top only ( none of that ruffle..don't like it at all!)


My dress photo 1



My dress photo 2

Beautiful right? But why has my taste changed every since?!!? AHHH! so frustrating. Now I'm love with lace gowns. what to do? 


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OMG! I noticed I wrote some weird love saga for our story. Soooo sorry. I will spare you another 5 hour read and give the abridged version of his proposal.

A year and a half after we got together, he proposed with a night full of my favorite things: sunset at the beach, bouquet of peonies, sushi and Micheal Buble. He wrote his poetic version of 'Everything' by Micheal Buble and read it to me and finished off by asking me to marry him. I was so overwhelmed and emotional I didn't even answer right away. I opened the box and just stared at the ring.All I could squeak out was "it's so beautifulll.." and then showers of tears, my head buried in his neck and crazy nods of yes with my head.

 here are pics of my ring :)) I'm so excited. He got it custom made for me and I have never felt something to be so perfect...this is a big deal coming out of an ultimate perfectionist. I am so hard to please and he was intent on leaving me speechless..which he soooo did. I love him so much.

The proposal and ring photo 1The proposal and ring photo 2

The proposal and ring photo 3The proposal and ring photo 4

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~~~*This is how it all began*~~~

I have to confess that I'm a pretty flighty and non-committal type of gal. Always was and still come off as one. I always get the ' how in the world did he get YOU to say yes?! he must be one heck of a man' and I always reply 'ohhh yes!'. I thought this would be a good time to start at the beginning and share with you all what a crazy and amazing journey it has been meeting the love of my life. :) *blush* So here goes.

We've lived on the same street for over ten years and NEVER crossed paths. He went to university ( college) with my best friend who knew him and spoke about having a crush on him for 4 years and we still never crossed paths. I met his sister and she mentioned having a brother multiple times and i STILL didn't meet him. Years later, I was a bridesmaid at my friend's wedding to HIS best friend and ..you guessed it..I STILL didn't see him. He was out of town during the whole wedding process and came in on the wedding day and left before the end. Through all the running around and the planning of the day,  you guessed it...I STILL did NOT see him. ( Only in the wedding pics). So for almost 8 years, we had been in one another's 'lives' but never MET. I knew who he was dating, who he had broken up with and what company hired him, but never did we officially cross each other physically. You would think in this Facebook age that we would of at least have had a conversation, but no...there was always this *thing* that made me feel shy and all awkward at the thought and which he confirmed he had felt as well. Apparently all the things he had heard about me intimidated him and made him think ME a wild child. lol...which I admit I was ( and still am a little). 

Through out that decade of us living in different dimensions, we both went through our shares of heart break, soul searching, years in exile ( u know..travelling extensively with the idea of 'getting over something' or 'finding something' etc.) and realization that it was time to settle down. It's amazing how our lives were paralleled throughout the whole time or rather mirrored each other in a flip-sided way...I was the constant runaway and he the dumped boy ( poor thing). Ironic isn't it?

Fast forward to Spring of 2009, I had graduated the year before, worked hard , payed off almost all my debt, broke off with long time uni boyfriend and felt *so fresh and so clean, clean* :)

I had been single and dating casually for while at that point and I was getting sick and tired of meeting random boring men ( aka home town boys) and felt that I needed to seriously overhaul my love life. My best friend, now married and all the more wiser, suggested I actually create a LIST of what I wanted in a man and commit to finding him. Brilliant idea! considering all the wrong people I had met. So I set off with pen, paper, highlighter and all the self-help relationship books I could afford on Amazon.

I disciplined myself to NLP sessions complete with visualizing future-man's smile and voice tonality, I interviewed friends and family on my personality and what type of man they thought I should be with, I subscribed myself to eharmony, chemistry.com and so many other dating sites I can't remember and I drafted my LIST. *ahhhhh-breathe in-out* taking control of my love life felt good.

For a year, I met and dated the most interesting, gorgeous, successful, extremely romantic, sophisticated and EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE men I had ever met! It was infuriating. I didn't know whether I was the problem or was God playing some crazy prank on me. I mean, these men were amazing for the first few months and then it just would never lead to a real connection...I felt so emotionally drained after this. 

Summer of 2010, my work contract was almost done which left me with a good 8 months off.I had always found peace in travelling to new places, so I planned out a 6 month world tour. If Elizabeth Gilbert found peace, enlightenment and love in Eat, Pray, Love. then why shouldn't I? lol

I set off on my journey in July 2010 and was criss-crossing through Europe when I received an email from a certain John ( that's his name.) He said to me " listen, I'm gonna come out and say it straight up: you know I broke up with (his ex) last year and ever since, I've been trying to figure out what i really want in life and in a partner. Ive shared my ideas with friends and family and my sister and buddies keep saying I've been describing you lol.' He went on to tell me that he didn't know much about me other than what he had heard from them and that this was the craziest way he had ever asked a girl out, not having actually EVER met me in person and all.. I was really shocked at the email. I didn't think he was capable of thinking like that or even wanted something serious. His last girlfriend ( and all the others) were gorgeous Brazilian bombshell types and I couldn't imagine he would of wanted an actual relationship with depth. Unfortunately ,I told him I was out of town and would be till the end of the year ( we were in July) and apologized for the bad timing. 

In the following few months however, while I continued on traveling in Europe and moved on to Africa, we kept emailing back and forth. We slowly went on to speak over Skype and finally saw each other in 'moving form' lol. I would send him my travel stories and pics and he would update me on the home scene. It's always easier to open up virtually and that's what happened. We told each other things we would never have had, had we met back home. Those hotel/hostel chats are some of the fondest memories I have of us. It was straight out of my fantasies.lol

A few months into it, we were really feeling it, I kept thinking about him in every country I visited. I wished he was there. He started an online countdown ticker on our emails for my return date and we kept talking about all the things we would do once I was back! lol . My best friend was emailing me saying how they all knew what was going on because he kept talking about me and knew my travelling itinerary better than they all did. lol. My friends were calling me, my family was asking what was going on, my dreams and prayers were full of him and I just felt like home wanted me back. I grew so homesick and started getting sad on our phone calls. I decided to cut my tour short and grabbed a flight back to London UK where I would have a connecting flight back to Toronto. I didn't want to tell him I was coming and wanted to keep it a surprise but he kept asking me that night where I was. He noticed the Internet connection was wayyy too good for sub-Saharan Africa! lol smartcookie he is. I created some story about how I got sick and wanted to be safe so I was getting checked up in Uk, etc. ( I'm not proud of lying lol). I had to make it believable and he knew illness would be the only thing bringing me back to Europe and possibly cutting my trip short. But you know how it is with lying..you get trapped in its web! I couldn't come back to Toronto right away if I said I was getting a check up in London could I? lol. So I changed my return flight to 4 days later. lol. Terrible cost of lying.

The next day, I stayed in at the hotel hoping to talk to him for hours on Skype but he didn't show up. sucks. I texted him my hotel number hoping he would call, but he didn't. :(  So instead I caught up on some much needed sleep and pampered myself all day. At around 10 am the next morning, there was a knock on my door and when I opened the door, I couldn't believe who I saw. It was him, suitcase in hand with the biggest smile on his face. OMG!!! This couldn't be real...He picked me off the floor and we hugged for what seemed like an hour but was really 5 secs. I was in shock and started firing like 100 questions at him. He on the other hand was staring at my fresh over-slept face, my fresh manicure and pedi and my fresh salon hair do, all the while realising I had tried to pull one on him as well! looool. I felt terrible though, because he genuinely thought I was ill and crossed the Atlantic for me. That sealed it for me. I fell in love with him that October morning.

A week later ( I changed my ticket AGAIN! ) we returned to Toronto as a couple :) It took me a year and a half of searching around the world for Mr. Right only to give up and then find him living 2 blocks over in my home town while I was trekking in Africa. Ohh the cruel jokes the universe plays on us...lol

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Here are some inspiration boards I put together . Can't figure out which to do! They are all oh-so-beautiful...

pink raspberry black

blush pink, raspberry and blackshades of purple



I've looked high and low and dug deep down and realized this is the palette I want:

I've been warned about the changes...and here it goes again. I really think I'm going to keep a blush pink/black/gold vintage theme. I'm thinking more of a 1920s gatsby theme. I love the gllitz!