Aug 02, 2014

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We went to high school at Booker T. Washington Memphis, TN together.  When we first met she yelled my name down the hallway to get my attention. I turned around and she asked me had I bought a pillow.  (She was selling pillows in her textiles class for a fund raiser.)  I turned around and informed her that I bought a pillow for my girlfriend the day before.  She said something cleaver to me.  I can't recall what it was but it turned around and walked off laughing.


Our next encounter

We ended up taking the same Spanish class together. Ironically, the teacher liked to call people by their initials.  She was TB1 & I was TB3. (TB2 is irrelevant laugh out loud shout out to Travis Bridges.)  While in the class we found we had plenty free time so we begun to find out more about each other.   One of the first things we learn was both our middle names begun with M.  Learning that we shared all three initials was cool to the both of us.  We then talked about how both of us had our last names changed when we were younger.  (It was made in the Stars 5 of them ShOWt OWt to the Men of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Incorporated.)  Our friendship has continued since then and it has been the best and worst 7 years of my life.  I look forward to adding many more years to our friendship and on June 28, 2014 our marriage.