Jun 20, 2009

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Okay, So i had another hairstyle trial with Tiffany and she also did the airbrush. Everything went great!!! I really liked this hairstyle better as it gives my hair more volume!!

Here are the inspiration pics right now, I will post the actual hair trial when I get home!


Hairstyle Part Deux photo 1Hairstyle Part Deux photo 2Hairstyle Part Deux photo 3Hairstyle Part Deux photo 4Hairstyle Part Deux photo 5Hairstyle Part Deux photo 6


I ordered this flower from styles by ann and will be my hair accesory for the day:

Hairstyle Part Deux photo 7

Here is the actual hairstyle part deux:

i will tell my H&MUA to kinda tighten the sides a bit, i like a more cleaner look than this.

Hairstyle Part Deux photo 8

With Flash:

 Hairstyle Part Deux photo 9Hairstyle Part Deux photo 10

Without Flash:

Hairstyle Part Deux photo 11Hairstyle Part Deux photo 12

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Since i don't really wear heavy makeup, i wanted to have a little bit of "drama" but still look natural. I wanted her to emphasize on my eyes so i'm gonna use some fake eyelashes!

Here's my insipiration:

Make Up photo 1Make Up photo 2


Actual trial:

Make Up photo 3


This was taken later on that night when i went out with my friends for a christmas dinner:Make Up photo 4

Make Up photo 5

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I will have Tiffany Chiang from do my hair and makeup. I did a trial with her last Dec 19. I really didn't like the hair that much as i was going for a more clean chignon look. Here are my inspiration:Hairstyle photo 1Hairstyle photo 2Hairstyle photo 3Hairstyle photo 4Hairstyle photo 5


This is the actual hairstyle she did:

Hairstyle photo 6


I wanted to try another hairstyle coz this one didn't actualy hold up the rest of the night.


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My wedding gown is being custom made from the Philippines. My mom and I went there last May 2008 and i had my measurements done. My cousin actually drew the sketch and helped me designed it. I have a traditional filipino wedding dress in mind and the shawl will be made with pineapple fabric and the gown will be in ivory.

The dress is supposed to arrive this month!! I can hardly wait!!!

The Dress photo 1The Dress photo 2The Dress photo 3The Dress photo 4


UPDATE: (Here's the long version!!!)

OMG!!! So here's the story about my dress (only read it if you're bored coz its kinda long!):

My mom and I went to the Philippines last May '08 to find a wedding gown. We actually went to a bridal fair there to check out some designers. Nothing stood out for me. Then my mom's friend suggested we should go to their seamstress because she's really good. I already have a particular design in mind and luckily i have a gay cousin who is sooo good at drawing that he helped me put my vision into paper. So my mom's friend took us to this dressmaker and i was kinda iffy at first because she doesn't even have a shop. She works from home and no displays of gowns whatsoever.

What convinced me to have her make my gown was my mom. The dressmaker just made a wedding gown for a wedding that weekend. My mom looked at the quality of her work especially the beadwork and she said it's comparable to those designer wedding gowns we saw at the bridal fair. She has been making gowns all her life and that this business has been passed down to her by her mother. She actually has a lot of brides from here in the states that just sends their measurement and design they want and she ships the gown to them. So i trusted her with the making of my gown even though i know i won't see it till it get here by January (that was her estimate). Before i left the Philippines, i chose the fabric, the color (i'm not wearing white coz the "shawl" i'll use is ecru-made out of pineapple fabric which is normally used for high quality barong (traditional filipino suit for men) and that was it...

January passed and i haven't heard anything from her...i paid for my dress in advance and i'm starting to worry (having nightmares actually) that my dress wouldn't come. So i called her and she said that she'll have it done by mid-February. Okay...i was kinda getting anxious already...i was thinking "what if the dress don't fit?", "What if i didn't like it?"...Then one day, she emailed me (feb 12) asking for my address and number so she could ship it either friday (feb 13) or monday (feb 16). So last weekend ended and not a dress in sight. I was getting hopeless by tuesday coz she hasn't emailed me that she shipped the dress already. I said to myself, " i'll give her till the end of this week".

Then last wed, i just came home from work around 8 am(i work 7pm-7am) took a shower and went online. I was so hooked up here at PW that i was putting off getting some sleep (i had to work again that night) not realizing it was already NOON! Suddenly, someone rang the bell and i peeked to see who it was and it was the FedEx guy! i almost didn't get the door coz i was still wearing a robe and thought maybe he'll just leave the package and go. Then i said, what the heck,i don't care! Good thing i was able to catch him coz the package required a signature confirmation! WHEW!

I almost ripped the whole box, i can't contain my excitement!!! WHOA!!! i was speechless when i saw the dress! it's finally here and WAAAY better than what i imagined it would be! It's so gorgeous!!! the photos i will post won't do it justice!!! Unfortunately, i had to wait till today to try it on so my mom and my sisters could help me out. My mom can't help gushing!!! So ladies...without further ado...HERE IT IS:


This is the sketch my cousin made:

The Dress photo 5

This is the "shawl"/wrap for the church ceremony:

(this pic was taken by my cousin when it was still at the shop)

The Dress photo 6

This is the actual (with the beadwork):The Dress photo 7


The Dress photo 8The Dress photo 9

This is me wearing it...(sorry bout the scary eyes! IT WAS TAKEN FROM MY PHONE)

The Dress photo 10The Dress photo 11

That's my sis in the background (she's our jr BM!)

The Dress photo 12 That's my mom at the back fixing the veil. I'm just goofing around here trying to "work" out my arms! LOL. I forgot to take a pic wearing the "shawl"/wrap...

Thanks for looking LADIES!!!

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We are having a traditional Catholic mass wedding with Filipino influences...
We will be incorporating a lot of Filipino influences into our wedding to celebrate our culture and traditions!

It will be at St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church. This is a gorgeous church which was built in 1855.

Ceremony photo 1

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My fiance' and I have been together since Aug 2001. FI proposed last December 2006 and our wedding will be on June 20, 2009. He lives in American Canyon and I live in the East Bay so it's kinda hard planning all these wedding stuffs apart! We love traveling and eating out. 7 years of being together has brought us to many places. We plan to live here in the East bay after we get married!