Sep 27, 2014

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Okay so the plan for my centerpieces is to DIY paper flowers and have them placed on the tables like table runners going down the middle.


DIY Centerpiece Plan photo 1


DIY Centerpiece Plan photo 2


Here are the photos from the website where I saw the idea.


DIY Centerpiece Plan photo 3

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This is my DIY list:


- Save-the-dates


- Invites


- TOJ packets


- Programs


- Menus


- Buffet Signs


- Bar Signs


- Centerpieces


- Favors


- Bouquets


- Boutonnieres


- Corsages


- Bathroom baskets


- Cake letters


- Cake topper


- Favor tags


- Bubble tags


- Something for guest book area


- Card box


- Banners for tables


- Decor for back wall


- Silverware bunches


- Drink flags


- Cupcake/dessert flags


- Drink flags


I'll update this section as needed.


~ Pepper ~


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For the wedding my vision can best be summed up as relaxed and whimsical and outside. I have always wanted to get married outside so that is what we are doing. I see no point in trying to make the woods look like a ballroom (or vice versa) and I won't even try to. We are going to embrace the elements and whatever they may bring and in the end I know that our wedding will be perfect for us.


My Vision photo 1


My Vision photo 2


My Vision photo 3


I am hoping to incorporate natural elements into the wedding such as branches and pine cones and leaves. Green will definitely be one of the colors I use and I also love blue so there might be blue too. I am a pretty crafty person so I am hoping to make most everything for the wedding. Let the journey begin.


~ Pepper ~