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PW Badges...

  • What are they?
  • How can I earn them?
  • Where can I find them?

PW Badges are a cute, fun way to track your progress on Project Wedding. You can see a complete list below with details on how to earn them. You can find out which badges you have earned and which ones you still have left by looking here on your profile:


 Just Married Badge:  Earn this badge on the wedding day you listed in your profile.

Partial Credit Badge:  Earn this badge by partially completing your wedding details on PW.

Hostess Badge:  Earn this badge by becoming a Project Wedding Hostess.

2 (+) Carat Diva Badge:  Earn the 2 Carat Diva badge when you reach 200 forum posts. Then the number on this badge will change as you make more posts in the PW forums.

  • 2 Carat Diva = 200+ forum posts
  • 3 Carat Diva = 500+ forum posts
  • 4 Carat Diva = 2000+ forum posts
  • 5 Carat Diva = 5000+ forum posts
  • 10 Carat Diva = 10,000+ forum posts
  • 15 Carat Diva = 15,000+ forum posts
  • 20 Carat Diva = 20,000+ forum posts

Blog of the Week Badge:  Earn this badge by being selected as PW's Blog of the Week.

Socialite Badge:  Earn this badge by following 30 users.

Super Socialite Badge:  Earn this badge by following 50 users.

Shooting Star Badge:  Earn this badge by being followed by 30 users.

Super Star Badge:  Earn this badge by being followed by 50 users.

Trendy Badge: Earn this badge by re-posting 50 items to your boards.

Super Trendy Badge:  Earn this badge by re-posting 100 items to your boards.

Trend Master:  Earn this badge by re-posting 200 items to your boards.

Board Master:  Earn this badge by creating 15 boards.

Film Level Badge:  Earn this badge by uploading 15 photos.

Polaroid Level Badge:  Earn this badge by uploading 50 photos.

Digital Level Badge:  Earn this badge by uploading 100 photos.

Idea Pro Badge:  Earn this badge by writing 10 Ideas.

Idea Master Badge:  Earn this badge by writing 25 Ideas.

Admirer Badge:  Earn this badge by following 5 of our designer profiles.

Sweetheart Badge:  Earn this badge by following 10 of our designer profiles.

Addict Badge:  Earn this badge by following 20 of our designer profiles.

Bronze Reviewer Badge:  Earn this badge by submitting 5 vendor reviews.

Silver Reviewer Badge:  Earn this badge by submitting 10 vendor reviews.

Gold Reviewer Badge:  Earn this badge by submitting 20+ vendor reviews.

Super Grouper Badge:  Earn this badge by joining 3 active groups.

Hot Topic Badge:  Earn this badge by starting one of the 5 most active threads on any one day.

Top Poster Badge:  Earn this badge by being one of the top 5 posters in the forums for a day.

Toast Master Badge:  Earn this badge by toasting 50 people.

Chattiest Badge:  Earn this badge by commenting on 50 different blogs.

Group Guru:  Earn this badge by leading one of the 3 most active groups in any one day.

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STD...BM...FMIL...Have you seen those abbreviations and wondered what all those letters mean? Here's your guide to PW LINGO!

AFAIK - As Far As I Know

AW - Attention Whore

BM - Bridesmaid or Best Man

BP - Bridal Party

B-Pics - Boudoir Pics

BR - Baby Related

Bump - Bumping a post so it appears first on the forums page

DH - Dear Husband

DIY - Do It Yourself

DOC - Day Of Coordinator

DTD - Doing the Deed (Sex)

DW - Destination Wedding

E-pics - Engagement Pictures

ETA - Edited to Add

FBIL - Future Brother in Law

FFIL/FIL - Future Father in Law/Father in Law

FG - Flower Girl 

FH - Future Husband

FI - Fiance

FMIL/MIL - Future Mother in Law/Mother in Law

FSIL - Future Sister in Law

FOB - Father of the Bride

FS - For Sale

FW - Future Wife

FWIW - For What It's Worth

GM - Groomsman

GTK - Good To Know

GTKY - Getting To Know You

HTH - Hope That Helps/Happy To Help

IMO/IMHO - In My Opinion; In My Humble/Honest Opinion

ISO - In Search Of

ITA - I Totally Agree

JFF - Just For Fun

KWIM - Know What I Mean

KWR - Kind of Wedding Related

LBR - Let's Be Real

LO - Little One

LW - Lovely Wife/Loving Wife

MOB - Mother of the Bride

MOG - Mother of the Groom

MOH - Maid of Honor

MUA - Make Up Artist

NTK - Need to Know

NWR - Non Wedding Related

OMG - Oh My Goodness

OOT - Out of Town

PIA/PITA - Pain in the A**

PM - Private Message

PP - Previous Post/Poster

PSA - Public Service Announcement

RB - Ring Bearer

RD - Rehearsal Dinner

SMH - Shaking My Head

SO - Significant Other

S/O - Spin Off

STD - Save the Date

TBH - To Be Honest

TIA - Thanks In Advance

TMI - Too Much Information

TTC - Trying To Conceive

TTD - Trash the Dress

WTK - Want To Know

WP - Wedding Party

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