Dec 13, 2013

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I really thought I'd be married by now. My husband passed away in 1995. But, as the years have gone by I just haven't found Mr. Right. I read these websites all the time and see so many happy couples and say to myself! can happen. Be patient.

In the meantime I am always asked to help my friends plan there weddings or any other event coming up! I realize this is a great complement and over the years have decided I really like doing it! I own another business that is completely different than decorating. It is a Auto Body Shop. Thing is that it doesn't give me near the same satisfaction that event planning does. So, for my spare time I do weddings. The wedding that I spend allot of time talking about (Charlotte's wedding) is one of my best friends daughters wedding! She is probably the only women I have ever met that has never dreamt of how her wedding is going to be! So my creative juices can flow in whatever direction I want and she comes over to see my creations! Such FUN!

I hope for now you ladies will allow me to stay on your website. I will find Mr. Right at some point and then be able to share my wedding with everyone! Until then! Feel free to comment on any of my inspirations! I really appreciate the in-put! ps....I have many things to sell since these events cause me to make things. I hope this help's some bride out there looking for items! I find myself loving the DIY projects. Not everyone is able to do that. So maybe I can be of service!

Since Charlotte's Wedding I have started a new business. Come check out my website

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