Apr 18, 2009

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For the bridal bouquet I really hope to have peachey, soft pink and orange full blooms.

Flowers and Inspirations photo 1  Flowers and Inspirations photo 2


For the table arrangements, I am hoping to have simple low arrangements in pinks, oranges and yellow. 

Flowers and Inspirations photo 3  Flowers and Inspirations photo 4Flowers and Inspirations photo 5


I love these colors, the flowers, and the whole romantic, whimsical feel.


Flowers and Inspirations photo 6  Flowers and Inspirations photo 7

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Hair and Make-up has been a trial for me. I don't really know how to wear a lot of make-up and I seem to be having difficulty finding a MUA that can do a super simple, sheer natural look.

My idea for hair is to have it completely off the face with some volume, but have the back more of a low chignon. Possible a side chignon... not sure if the asymmetry will look good with the dress.

Hair and Make up photo 1  Hair and Make up photo 2


For the make-up I really want something natural. I also like the slightly winged black liner and nude/light lip. 

Hair and Make up photo 3  Hair and Make up photo 4


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FH and I met 8 years ago while in college in Michigan. I am an architect, he is an engineer. I'm American, he is Portuguese, and we now live in the Netherlands. :)

Hello photo 1


Wedding Location:

We are having a Catholic ceremony in Sao Pedro church in Palmela. The church is very traditional Portuguese with the interior covered in blue painted tiles. We chose this church partly because it is located just below the reception site and I really want to walk together with our guests up to the castle.

Hello photo 2  Hello photo 3


Our reception will be at the Pousada de Palmela. The Pousada is an old convent turned hotel built within the walls of a medieval castle. It is on top of a hill with really amazing views. The convent has all of its original characteristics and architectural details. It has a simple, understated richness that I like. 

Hello photo 4  Hello photo 5

Hello photo 6  Hello photo 7

The reception will start with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres on the veranda, then dinner within the cloisters overlooking the courtyard, and then dancing hopefully outside in the courtyard.

The reception costs per person are quite high, so we decided to spend more on food and drinks and not hire a DJ. We're going to be playing music from our iPod all night (I hope this works!) Our first dance will be to Chet Baker's My Funny Valentine. 


Wedding Attire:

This is my wedding dress from Rosa Clara. And some pictures of me in it with all alterations finished! :)

Hello photo 8  Hello photo 9  Hello photo 10

Here are my very simple (and inexpensive) shoes. 

Hello photo 11


My husband will wear a black suit with a black bow tie, classic James Bond style.. :)

Hello photo 12


Wedding Attire- MOH:

We are following the Portuguese tradition of not h aving groomsmen or bride's maids. We each have two witnesses who sign the marriage document in the church. They have some responsibilities, but no dress code for instance. Nevertheless, my witness/MOH and best friend has chosen a pretty glamourous dress I just want to show. I think it's by Marc Bouwer.

Hello photo 13



The Details: DIY Paper things

The colors for the wedding are: light rose, salmon, cream, yellow with black for things like text. The venue has warm tones and touches of gold too.

Most of these things are in the process of being printed/made, so I'm just posting as it comes along.

After deciding on the venue, and the Dress, we were ready to make all of the wonderful paper items that make the wedding. Since the venue and our attire is formal, we wanted to make our  invitations and personal touches more whimsical and lighthearted to reflect  our playful personalities. For our invitations we chose the theme of a tandem bicycle because of our love of travel together and where we live right now, Holland! The colors are warm, spring-like, and the leafy pattern matches the lace on my dress. 

We kept the layout and text super simple because we had several different versions of text: English and Portuguese, and also invites including information for our second reception in Hawaii (where my family lives).

Hello photo 14  Hello photo 15


This is our guestbook. I took a 5euro cloth photo album and added our names and a little graphic. I think it works!

Hello photo 16  Hello photo 17


I really liked the idea of table numbers matching childhood pictures, so we will have these in square frames for each dining table.

Hello photo 18

The Menus are very simple, printed on textured white  paper and backed with a salmon colored card stock. There are 3 versions of this too: English, Portuguese and Vegetarian. :)

Hello photo 19


The Details: Extras

For our favors, we decided to give the women a box of 4 chocolates from Leonidas. They will be in similarly gold boxes but tied with pinkish-orange ribbon. For the men, they will each get a cigar. For the children we will have some candy and toys.

Hello photo 20  Hello photo 21


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We got married!!!!!!!!!!

It was on the 18th of April 2009 in Palmela, Portugal. It really was a magical day and everything went amazingly well, better than we could've imagined.

The ceremony was beautiful and special, and was performed in both english and portuguese. 

Update photo 1  Update photo 2


It rained a little as we were exiting the church! 

Update photo 3Update photo 4  Update photo 5


The reception was easy going, fun and relaxed. The Pousada de Palmela was amazing, they took care of everything and we just enjoyed the night with our family and friends.


Update photo 6  Update photo 7  Update photo 8


A couple of close-ups from the wedding: our ring bowl and my bouquet of double tulips and ranunculus.

Update photo 9Update photo 10


If else anyone is planning to marry in Portugal, I'm more than happy to share my experience!