May 15, 2010

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The Monogram photo 1

The purple is actually a darker plum color, but you get the idea. :)

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Taken by my 18 year old sister who is an aspiring photographer

Engagement Photos PIC HEAVY photo 1

Engagement Photos PIC HEAVY photo 2

Engagement Photos PIC HEAVY photo 3

Engagement Photos PIC HEAVY photo 4

Engagement Photos PIC HEAVY photo 5

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Our Colors are: Champagne, Ivory and accents of Plum Purple.


Bridesmaids dresses:

Wedding Party Attire photo 1

Girls will carry dark purple bouquets.


Mother of the Bride:

Wedding Party Attire photo 2

I really want to find a bolero jacket or something to dress this up a little for my mom, so if you come across anything that matches, LET ME KNOW!!


Stepmother's Dress:

Wedding Party Attire photo 3


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The Enchanted Garden at the Edgar Allen Poe Museum in Richmond, VA. Ceremony will be at night and lit entirely by candlelight.

The Venues photo 1

The Venues photo 2


Reception Ventue - to be held in the courtyard  at a historic Inn nearby.

The Venues photo 3

List by uplighting, candles, white christmas lights and paper lanterns. :)

The Venues photo 4


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My dress is an Anne Barge Designer Gown. I purchased it from a girl locally. She had posted the dress on after she wore it in her wedding. Couldn't believe she lived in my city, the dress was my size, AND the dress was originally purchased from Klienfelds in NYC (where I had dreamed of buying my dress from but knew I would never find anything in my price range!). As it turns out, she was offered a spot on TLC's "Say Yes to the Dress" but turned it down because she actually purchased the dress BEFORE her FI officially proposed! HA! When I got to her house and tried on the dress it was a perfect fit! Can you believe NO ALTERATIONS needed at all!!! It was just ment to be!! Everything I wanted at a third of the cost! Thank you!!

Yes its Sequined - ALL OF IT!! - with Antique beading and Schwarski crystals at the top.

The Dress photo 1


My Dress featured in a Bridal Mag at the centerfold!! YAY!!

The Dress photo 2

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Chad and I got engaged on 8/8/2008. We have been together since 2003, so you know a girl was ready after over 5 years of being in the same relationship. I started dropping hints and became a jewelry stalker whereever I could find it!! Everytime I found something I liked in a store or online I would pull the "look how pretty!"card. Well one night I was stalking craigslist and came across the most beautiful ring I had ever seen!! It had 3 princess cut center stones, over 65 diamonds in the band and setting, it was almost 2 carats total and OH THE PRICE!! Basically the guy who posted it had been turned down and needed to move the ring quickly to recoop his investment, but the jewelry store had discontinued the style and would only let him return for store credit! Yikes! Well, having been married once before, I got the feeling that Chad still wasn't quite where I was on the whole marriage idea, but I showed him the ring anyway. I just couldn't believe the AMAZING deal that some lucky couple was going to get!! He shrugged it off like all the others, like it was no big deal. Well the next day I was showing everyone (I just could not get over this georgeous STEAL of a deal!). On the second day I went to show one of the girls at work and the post had been removed. I was SO sad! All along I knew that it would never be on my finger, but I had become slightly attached to it in a way. I even called my mom and was like "It's gone!" I think she thought I was crazy!! LOL!!

So that following Thursday night I went to a concert with my friend. It was like and hour and half away so we got back really late. The next morning I called into work and told them I would be in a little later (Mistake #1). Chad asked if I was still going to be able to take a lunch, he said he might be on my side of town and thought we could grab a bite at "our" fav deli. I told him I wasn't sure but would call to let him know.  When I got to work I was slammed. Lunch time came and went. I had grabbed some food from the cafe in my building and totally forgot to call the FI (Mistake #2). He called around 1pm and asked if I was taking lunch...Ooops! He wasn't upset, rather he said he would see me at home for dinner. Later that day I called him to let him know that I was going to be late coming home because we needed some stuff from the store and I had a few errands to run on the way home (Mistake #3). OMG! Poor Guy!!

When I finally made it home, I walked in to Flowers on the table and a wonderful home cooked meal, but I couldn't find the FI anywhere! When I went back to put my stuff down, I was standing in the kitchen and all of the sudden I heard this loud thump behind me. Turned around and there he was on one knee with the ring from craigslist in his hands!!! The funniest part was when he said...."If I don't do this now it may never happen today!!" LOL!! And then he explained his day...

Mistake #1 - His original plan - To call my boss and get her permission to pick me up early for lunch and kidnapp me for the rest of the day where he was going to take me to a park and propose under this tree he had picked out. BUT I messed that up when I called in to work!

Mistake #2 - When he called my office to ask if I was still going to be allowed to take a lunch, he was really around the corner from my office with the flowers in the truck waiting to go to plan B!

Mistake #3 - Romantic dinner and flowers when I walked in the door from work....but of course I had to run errands first!!

And after I wiped away the tears from LAUGHTING so hard, he gave the REAL proposal and of course I said... YES!!


PS - We Bought my antique wedding ring off of Craigslist too!! I have over 2.5 carats that have been appraised for well over $3000.00 and we spent less than $1200 for both!! Isn't that AWESOME!!!

My mom thinks I'm crazy for buying so much stuff  off of CL for the wedding. She even jokes that I should place a sign outside of our wedding that says , "Wedding Brought To You By!" LOL!!


The Rings:

Sorry this isn't the best pic. I will post close ups of both soon.

The Proposal photo 1


The Proposal photo 2