Jun 06, 2009

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My Dress

My dress is Casablance Style #1896 in diamond white. I bought my dress from Bridal Elegance in Torrance. My dress arrived April 23rd (Happy Birthday to Me)! I had my first fitting the same day. I am scheduled for my 2nd fitting on May 14th. I had to have the top taken in slightly due to my lack of boobage!

Bridal Party Attire Accessories photo 1   Bridal Party Attire Accessories photo 2

The Shoes

My shoes are ballroom dance shoes made by Supadance. I bought them at WorldTone Dance in Los Angeles which is the store that supplies shoes for the dancers on Dancing with the Stars. My shoes are white but this was the only picture I could find.

Bridal Party Attire Accessories photo 3 

My Jewelry

I ordered my earrings from Anna Bellagio. My tiara is from Bel-aire Bridal.

Bridal Party Attire Accessories photo 4Bridal Party Attire Accessories photo 5

My Veil

I ordered my veil from Crowing Glory Designs. I will post a pic as soon as I get it.

My Garter

My garter is from thegarterlady on etsy. I think I may add a golf charm to personalize it a bit.

Your Unique Wedding Color on a Lovely Satin Garter Set

Bridal Attire To Do List:

  1. Dress
  2. Shoes
  3. Corset
  4. Jewelry
  5. Veil
  6. Garter
  7. Petticoat
  8. Something old: Hankie from FMIL
  9. Something New: The dress, shoes, etc.
  10. Something borrowed
  11. Something blue


The BridesMaids Dresses - The bridesmaids dresses are all from Jasmine bridal. They will all be the color Celadon and in a Tiffany Chiffon fabric. We bought the dresses from Magnolia's Bridal in Greenville, South Carolina. I let my bridesmaids all choose their own gowns and I picked the color and fabric. I love the dresses they chose.

Matron of Honor                                                    Maid of Honor

Bridal Party Attire Accessories photo 6   Bridal Party Attire Accessories photo 7


Bridal Party Attire Accessories photo 8  Bridal Party Attire Accessories photo 9

Junior Bridesmaid

Bridal Party Attire Accessories photo 10

The Flower Girl Dress

We bought the flower girl dress from the ebay store 87SweetGirl for $20. We were able to choose the size and color of the sash after winning the auction.

 Bridal Party Attire Accessories photo 11 Bridal Party Attire Accessories photo 12

Ring Bearers

We have two ring bearers in the wedding: my nephew & FI's nephew. They will be wearing matching tuxes with tails that I found online for $15 each. We are renting their vest and accessories from MW Tux. And instead of pillows they will be carrying bowls from the Etsy store Palomasnest.

FI's nephew in his tux.

Bridal Party Attire Accessories photo 13

This is what one of the ring bearer bowls looks like. The other one will have our names and wedding date.

WITH THIS RING  ring bearer bowl with tiny text - wedding or commitment ceremony dish - the original modern heirloom by Paloma's Nest

 The Groom

Bridal Party Attire Accessories photo 14

The Groomsmen

Bridal Party Attire Accessories photo 15

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I am currently working on the following projects. I will add pictures of each as soon as I get them completed.

Dye Crinoline

Invitation Monogram

OOT Bag stencil

OOT Bags

Sticker Monogram for Candy Bags

Circle Monogram for Hershey kisses & OOT food bags

Rehearsal Dinner invitations


Pomander Balls - Green/Yellow/White/add ribbons

Jewelry bags for BMs

Thank you Parasol

Candy Buffet Sign & signs for jars - Thank you to Mrs Lemon from

OOT Bag Labels

OOT Bag Maps to Ceremony

Sparklers Tags Thank you to Mrs Lemon from

Place Cards


 Pomander Balls

Here is a collage of pics of the pomander balls I have made so far. They are all glued and I am now trying to decide on the ribbon size and colors.

DIY Projects photo 1

OOT Bags

Here is the finished OOT bag. Instead of using the stencil I made, tbabian came up with a great idea... Iron-On transfer paper. I printed out the design, cut them out and ironed them on the bags. It was really easy. Special Thanks to tbabian and another coworker for help cutting the designs out and ironing. Thanks to tkclark & brittany624 for their help in creating the design.

DIY Projects photo 2



Candy Buffet Bags

These are the candy bags for the buffet. I took our monogram and added a border, then ran it through the xyron machine to make a sticker. I am really happy with how these turned out. The green from the sticker and the brown of the bag look really nice together though it is hard to see in the picture. (I bought the bags from

DIY Projects photo 3  DIY Projects photo 4



Hershey Kiss stickers & Peanut Brittle bag stickers

I designed these in adobe. A friend helped me punch them out with the 3/4" circle punch and then we ran them through the xyron. I am sending these to my mom to put them on the Hershey kisses so I will have to post the pic of them on the kisses later.

DIY Projects photo 5  DIY Projects photo 6DIY Projects photo 7



Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

I found this poem on the internet and sent it to FI who then wrote one in response because he thought I had written the one I sent him. His was great so I had to figure out how to incorporate both versions. After getting the advice from PWer's, I decided on a two sided invitation.

This is the first draft of the poems:

DIY Projects photo 8

FI didn't care for the graphic I had under his so he requested I find a "cartoonish" golfer instead.

I printed each poem on ivory paper and mounted them on green cardstock. I bought matching green envelopes and created a timeline/rsvp info card to let people know exactly how many seats we had reserved for them for dinner.

I love the final product!

 DIY Projects photo 9DIY Projects photo 10



Thank You Parasol & FG Parasol

DIY Projects photo 11 DIY Projects photo 12


DIY Projects photo 13DIY Projects photo 14

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We went to Malibu on Friday, March 27th and had engagement pictures taken. It was a great experience! Our photographer was Michael Brannigan of David Michael Photography and we really enjoyed him! He did a wonderful job of keeping us laughing and we are so happy with how the pictures turned out. Here are a few of our favorites. All photographs below are by Michael Brannigan.

Engagement Pictures photo 1 Engagement Pictures photo 2

Engagement Pictures photo 3    Engagement Pictures photo 4

Engagement Pictures photo 5    Engagement Pictures photo 6


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After 9 years of dating, he asked me if I wanted to help him pick out a ring. I happily said yes and we began our ring shopping. The experience was both strange and excited. We found a setting that we both loved at Robbins Bros and he bought the diamond from

Here is the final product:

The Proposal photo 1

I did not get to see the final product once he got it from the jeweler. He wanted me to be somewhat surprised. Our families had already been planning a carribean cruise together that summer so we decided that would be a great time to get engaged. I knew going into the trip that we would be engaged soon so it was really exciting but I had no idea when or where he would pop the question. He actually managed to surprise me!  We took an excursion to the Ruins of Tulum in Mexico one day. He made me take off my diamond earrings before we left the room and locked them in the safe on the cruise ship because "he did not want me to be targeted in Mexico" (he is a bit paranoid sometimes!). I did not think anything of his request and figured there was no way he would propose so I was utterly at ease and excited about the excursion. He had been talking about this excursion for months before the trip so I knew he was excited also but I noticed on our bus ride to the Ruins that he was kind of grumpy and aloof! Once at the Ruins, I was camera happy so I took a ton of pictures. He continued to appear anxious and idiot me had no idea why! The Ruins were really crowded with tourists but we happened across a stretch of beach was somewhat deserted. The Proposal photo 2It was stunning and I immediately started snapping pictures! He asked me to put the camera down and when I turned to look at him he looked nervous and he was babbling about how long we had been together and then he started to kneel and I finally realized what was happening! I said yes of course and the next tourist who passed noticed what had happened and offered to take our picture. The rest of the excursion was a blur! I was shocked and excited and I could not wait to get back to the boat to tell my family. He had wanted to propose at the top of the Ruins but tourist are no longer allowed to climb them so he was anxious all day trying to pick the perfect spot to ask. I adore the beach so I don't think he could have picked a better place. Here is a picture of the Ruins of Tulum where he had wanted to propose. The beach we were on was just to the left of the Ruins.The Proposal photo 3 On the bus ride back to the cruise ship, I asked him if he enjoyed the Ruins since I knew how much he had been looking forward to the trip. He looked at me liked I was insane and said "uh, yeah, I got engaged!" Once we made it back to the cruise ship, I told my family (His family was with us on the excursion so they found out immediately). My older brother spent the rest of the cruise announcing to anyone that would listen that his little sister just got engaged!  Our parents joked about calling the captain of the ship and asking him to marry us right then! I love everything about the experience! I still can't believe he took me by surprise. It was great to have our families with us to celebrate the news together.

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The Happy Couple photo 1


We met in college in South Carolina while he was working on his graduate degree and I was a freshman in college! I enrolled in Intermediate Ballroom Dance Class. He was attending as a favor to the instructer (guys were pretty scarce in dance classes). We decided to venture out of dance class and use our new skills at a local swing dancing club.  We dated for 3 years while in school and then took a break when he graduated. He moved to Los Angeles and we did not want to attempt a long distance relationship but kept in touch. I moved to Florida when I graduated and we visited each other. I wasn't happy in Florida due to various reasons so he invited me to live with him in Los Angeles. He currently works for The Aerospace Industry as an Electrical Engineer and I am working as a Hospital Accountant for the corporate office of a Veterinary company. We have been together for over 10 years now and have decided we would like to finally settle down and start a family. Our original idea for a wedding was to go to Hawaii and get married in a small, low key ceremony. But I am the only granddaughter on my dad's side of the family and my grandparents no longer travel so we decided to have the wedding where I grew up... Greenville, South Carolina.