Aug 22, 2009

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Dress ~ Davids Bridal

Shoes ~ DSW

Handbag~ Elquinique

Necklace & Earrings ~ Whimz Accesories

Bracelet~ Bellezza Jewelry

Veil ~ Ebay

Bridal Hanger ~ Kim Grant Ink

Hair & Makeup ~ Becoming Salon

Venue ~ Celebration Events

Officiant~ Tawnya Minca

Cake ~ Signes Bakery

Cake Jewelry ~ Whimz Accesories

Photographer ~ Classic Photos by Toya

Florist ~ My Mother :)

Wedding Decor ~ Michael's, TJ Maxx, Ross, Joann Fabrics,  EBay, and Etsy

Invites, Menus, and Programs ~ Sanskripts

Calligraphy ~ Pen & Ink Calligraphy

Flower girl baskets & ring bearer pillow ~  My Mother again :)


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We took Our E-pics at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton Maryland with Carmen Wang Studios.

E Pics photo 1E Pics photo 2E Pics photo 3E Pics photo 4E Pics photo 5E Pics photo 6E Pics photo 7E Pics photo 8E Pics photo 9E Pics photo 10E Pics photo 11E Pics photo 12E Pics photo 13

Second e-pics

E Pics photo 14E Pics photo 15E Pics photo 16E Pics photo 17E Pics photo 18E Pics photo 19E Pics photo 20E Pics photo 21

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OK so I didn't think I would be doing any projects but you girls are very inspiring!!

VERY FIRST DIY:: Seashell Wreaths

DIY Projects photo 1 DIY Projects photo 2

DIY Projects photo 3 DIY Projects photo 4

DIY Projects photo 5 DIY Projects photo 6


2 MPT Wood Wreaths          $2 ea.                                  

4 Small Bags of Sea Shells    $ 1 ea.

1 Bottle White Paint            $ .50 ea.

1 Bottle Brown Paint           $ .89 ea.

2 9.5 " MPT Wood Letters    $ .99 ea.

2 Wreath Hangers              $ 2.49 ea.                     all supplies from Michael's total cost $ 17.17 w/tax

I'm On A Roll Now :: Bouquet Holders

DIY Projects photo 7  DIY Projects photo 8

DIY Projects photo 9  DIY Projects photo 10

DIY Projects photo 11  DIY Projects photo 12

Supplies :

5 Blue Ball Perfect Mason Jars (Quart size)      $7.00 for two

5 Antique Starfish Brooches                          $7.00- $17.00 ea.

3 yards of Nautical Grosgrain Ribbon              $1.25 ea.

1 tube of Goop Adhesive                              $2.50

All supplies from various Ebay sellers. Total estimated cost : $80 this can be much less if you can get a deal on the brooches.


Measure the ribbon out to go around the jar. Loop into a bow if desired. Apply goop to jar in a thin layer where you would like the ribbon to go. Smooth down ribbon onto the glue. Overlap slightly in the back. Cut off excess ribbon. Voila!!

 Aisle Markers::

I actually bought starfish on ebay for this project but they were so stinky!! I put them outside and they still stink. Anywho I was in Ross and ran across an entire pack of 8 starfish for $4 !!! So the price was so unbelievable !!

 DIY Projects photo 13 DIY Projects photo 14


1 pack of eight medium starfish   3.99

1 roll Tiffany organza ribbon        3.98

6 medium crystals                      .79   ea. (need two more)

1 roll thin Tiffany satin ribbon      3.98

1 roll Chocolate raffia                 2.49

                                 Total :   20.13 w/tax

Hot Glue it altogether.  I can still use the ribbon for other projects, theres alot of it.


DIY Projects photo 15 DIY Projects photo 16


Broom - Dollar Tree    $1.00

Spray Gladiola - Michael's  $3.89

Silver Ribbon - Michael's  $ 1.99

Brown Ribbon - Michael's $ 0.00

Crystals - Michael's $ 0.00

Total : $ 7.22 including tax..................................these retail for like $ 45 !!!


Manzanita Tree::

DIY Projects photo 17 DIY Projects photo 18

Supplies :

Two branches  ( save on crafts)      $6.99 ea

glass container  (Ross)                    $5.99

plaster of Paris (Michael's)               $

Cristalier crystal strands & solitaire     $ 19.00

Preserved Orchids (save on crafts)   $

You have to work fast with the plaster of Paris!! We ( my Mom & I ) filled the container about half way with the plaster mixture then stuck the branches in , then poured in more plaster. This is pretty messy so it's good to have plenty of wet paper towels and newspaper on hand. I then placed the crystals they have rings so I didn't glue them. I hot glued the flowers.

Actual Day of:

DIY Projects photo 19 DIY Projects photo 20

DIY Projects photo 21 DIY Projects photo 22

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Bridesmaid/MOH Newsletter

 I made it with Microsoft Publisher using a newsletter template and then went to Kinko's to have it printed up. The salesperson was nice enough to give me 4 extra copies so I will send these to the MOB/FMIL. I would recommend you have them printed up cheaper if you have a larger wedding party. Total $15

Paper photo 1 Paper photo 2

Paper photo 3


The STD magnets were done by Sparz84. I let FI pick out the design ;) $90 for 60 + $18 postage

Paper photo 4  Paper photo 5



Paper photo 6Paper photo 7

Paper photo 8Paper photo 9

Paper photo 10Paper photo 11


I ordered a few signs from Pen & Ink calligraphy. They came out so beautiful that I thought of a few more that I need. Lisa's packaging is so cute!!!

Paper photo 12


Paper photo 13 Paper photo 14

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I agreed with FI that the groomsmen did not have to wear tuxedos because he said he does not like them.

He found a very handsome suit for the BM/GM :

Fellas photo 1  Fellas photo 2 

For their ties I bought these labels on etsy :

Fellas photo 3   Fellas photo 4

                  Etsy shop ljoembroidery                            Here is a closeup of their Machado cufflinks

The Day Of:

Fellas photo 5 Fellas photo 6Fellas photo 7 Fellas photo 8